Christmas Cookies for the Holidays: How Do You


A Christmas cookies during the holidays comes with many sweet temptations. Many stores make available a wide range of dishes, more or packaged as beautiful. Although many greedy will dare to buy these sweets, biscuits nutritionists advise us to eat healthy, homemade.

Sweets is a real danger for your figure, and they are not recommended dieters who want to maintain or weight.

Christmas Cookies

Here, then, how can healthy homemade Christmas cookies:

Use wholemeal wheat flour

Instead of using white flour, opt for wholemeal wheat flour. Nutritionists say the flour brings additional intake of fiber and help you get healthy cookies. Also, wholemeal wheat flour does not change the taste of the cookies.

Add rice flour

Besides wholemeal wheat flour, add a cup of oatmeal. This brings additional intake of fiber and not change the taste of the cookies. It is recommended to place a few tablespoons of flour because it is rich in Omega-3.

Do not add too much sugar

Many Christmas cookies are too sweet and therefore are not very easy to eat. If you prepare cookie recipe, try not to add too much sugar. The cookies will taste slightly different, but will be just as tasty.

Replace fats

Instead add a cube of butter or margarine over other ingredients, opt for a puree made from fruits. You can use apples, plums, pears and pumpkin. Resulting dough is thicker and cookies will be easier to eat. Another tip would be to put only half a cube of butter, then add a little oil, soybean oil, avocado oil or grape seed.

Add dark chocolate

If you can not give full when preparing chocolate cookies, opt for dark chocolate. Some tablets may be sufficient to give a good flavor of the Christmas cookies. You can also use a little cocoa powder.

Give up certain ingredients

Avoid add raisins because they contain high calories. Moreover, although it is said that nuts contain healthy fats, you can completely eliminate the recipe. Cancel and candied fruits and tries rather to use some almond or walnut.

If you want to have a full menu of healthy, healthy alternative to sugar out what we have!

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