Christmas Clothing, Make Up and Hair with Fashionable Colors


A focus on Christmas clothing, Make up and hair for Christmas 2014, choose the right ones with the advice of shelookbook.

What colors are in fashion for How to choose Christmas 2014?

How to match them?

There are many women that once you find your own style and do not ever upset prefer to play it safe, others that love to try everything, follow trends, bold colors while unlikely to be always trendy and fashionable. The ideal would be to stay in the middle, unable to maintain their standard allowing him the opportunity to change and try because in any case to reinvent itself (within the limits of good taste) is always positive!

Fashionable Colors on Christmas Clothing, Make Up and Hair

Christmas Clothing, Make Up and Hair

The fashion colors change a bit’ when it comes to clothes, makeup or hair, clothes and makeup if you dare change and sometimes it’s a little too simple and “compromising” the same can not be said for the hair, that however much we revolutionize the look. So I think you dare and have fun with clothes, try new colors and combinations, follow the tutorial for more crazy and original make-up but try to go a little slower with the hair, evaluated together with a good hairdresser color fashion suits you. Notwithstanding that, I know girls who live very well with her hair pink or red.

The fashionable colors of Christmas and New Year are almost always the same, as far as the clothing you can opt for the classic red, gold and silver but this year also go very well with the dark blue and bright finish green. You can mix these colors with black and white or with a powder pink especially if you opt for silver or blue.

The make up broadly reproduces the nuances choices for clothing or you can use them in contrast to make a traditional outfit with a touch of Christmas, such as trying Smokey eyes red with the tutorial that we have proposed .

Christmas Clothing, Make Up and Hair Christmas Clothing, Make Up and Hair Christmas Clothing, Make Up and Hair

As for your hair if you are undecided I’d look on the blond, blondes to start the new year seems to me a really good idea!

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