2020 Christmas hairstyle – Christmas Tree In Your child’s Hair, Or a Reindeer Dot!


Made a tutorial for an easy Christmas hairstyle for a girl for this Winter special. My daughter was a model, and yes now I am expected to imitate this. With this step-by-step plan, it should work!

My daughter is so looking forward to it: the Christmas dinner at school. There is something magical about it for her, everyone who looks beautiful and in the evening eating in the classroom. And the 7-year-old thinks that such a Christmas dinner should include a Christmas hairstyle for girls.

Easy Christmas hairstyle for girls: the step-by-step plan

  1. Part a middle part on the head, then make 2 loose braids on the sides of the head.
  2. Make 1 tail of these 2 braids in the middle.
  3. In this tail, you again make a small braid (not necessary to the bottom)
  4. Make one big tail at the bottom.
  5. Take a tuft of the tail and wrap it around the elastic. Hide the pick with a slider.
  6. Pull the braids apart, and start pulling apart at the bottom and the tufts above you pull apart less and less so that the braid takes the shape of a Christmas tree.
  7. Insert a nice Christmas drawer made of candy! Or use (as we did at Pippa) the red bow, but use the elastic band already in step 2 so that you use the candy band instead of an ordinary rubber band.
Easy Christmas hairstyle for girls

Find even more easy Christmas hairstyles for girls.

There are so many fun and easy Christmas hairstyles for girls on Pinterest. We have listed some of the best Christmas hairstyles for you below. So that you have enough inspiration for the coming Christmas.

Rudolph the reindeer bun

I think these are hilarious. You make a nice bun with the help of a bun maker and you make sure you have the right sliders. You can also make the sliders yourself by gluing eyelets and a red pompom on a slider.

Best Christmas hairstyles for girls

A bow in the hair

I like this one too. Via this link, you will find a video tutorial on how to make it.

Bow Christmas Hairstyle

Christmas Tree Braid

Make a regular braid for this Christmas tree braid. Then you pull the tufts out on the side, and wider and wider so that it takes on the shape of a Christmas tree. You start upstairs. A nice slide at the top, a nice elastic band at the bottom, and ready!

Easy Christmas hairstyle for a girl

Even more inspiration: get a book with hairstyles

There are a lot of nice hairstyles in it, which is also handy to have at home so that you can practice when you both feel like it

Tired of walking and baking? Make a Christmas tree in your child’s hair, or a reindeer dot!

The vacation is long and possibly boring. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get dressed for the parties. Let that just be the dash of joy in your day. For fun, also go all the way in topping up! Here are five cool / challenging / funny / creative / how-to-me-today-in-a-constructive-way-doing

Christmas hairstyle creations!

At Christmas, it is already a bit silly and cool! And say for yourself: what a good distraction would such Christmas hairstyles be if it really gets too boring? Aha, we have thought of that too!

Christmas Tree Hairstyle

Oh pine tree, how beautiful your hair is!

We only have 4 words for this: I. want. Which. also. Forget about real Christmas trees, from this year on we will all just have one in our hair! If we still have to make up, then we just go all the way.

Check here for the how-to videos and amaze the whole family with your creative skills. You act like hey, but that’s all ok!

Snowflakes Tail

Can it do more à la Frozen? Definitely not! With such a snowflake tail, we already have a bit of a white Christmas, since nothing is really certain anymore with those weather conditions in our Belgium country.

Christmas THairstyle 2020 2021

Rudolph in a Dot

If this isn’t the cutest haircut you’ve ever seen, then we don’t know either. Plus point: you don’t need a lot of stuff and it is also quickly made! How awesome is that?

Christmas Hairstyle

Bonus plus point: this cool idea comes from the Simple As That blog, so that name reassures us anyway.

Santa hats in your hair from now on

Christmas Hairstyle 2020 2021

Because putting Christmas hats on your head is too mainstream. That’s why you just braid them into your hair. Voila. This Christmas hairstyle might be for the more advanced braid among us, but definitely worth a try! Come on, who can say they’ve already had a Santa hat IN their hair ?! Soon only you.

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