Christmas Hairstyles 2020: 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for the Holidays


These 10 Christmas hairstyles will help you out. From ultra-easy to advanced, with these hairstyles, you can unpack!

1- Christmas Hairstyles 2020: Space buns

Part your hair in the middle and partially braid the top on both sides. With the remaining part, you make two space buns. You can curl the rest of your hair to bring it together even better.

2- Christmas hairstyles 2020: Extra Glamorous

Glitter? Yes please! Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do something extra. Apply some glitter to your part or all over your hair, keep it subtle with a little glitter all over your hair or cover the entire side with an extra sparkly touch.

3- Christmas Hairstyles 2020: Half Herringbone Braid

With this hairstyle, you make a herringbone braid on both sides. You always take an extra tuft of hair with you. They make two ponytails from the rest…

4- Christmas Hairstyles 2020: Tail on Top

Getting frustrated with making a braid yet? some easier hairstyles for you. Grab the strands on top of your hair and make a high ponytail.

For extra volume, you can tease the top a bit first. Release two tufts from the front of the tail.

so that they fall past your face.

Consider adding some blow or waves to the rest of your hair.

5- Christmas Hairstyles 2020: Sleek Bun

Go for a sleek bun á la Hailey Bieber. Spray some hairspray on your brush and comb your hair well. Make a low tail. You can add some styling cream to make your hair extra smooth . Take the tail in your hand and twist it over and over. Then you wrap the tail around the elastic until you have a tight bun.
You secure this with a few bobby pins that disappear into the bun. Spray hairspray over it so that all loose tails stay in place. Do you have hairspray with shine in it? Beautiful! If not, use a shine spray to finish it off completely.

6- Christmas Hairstyles 2020: Loose Bun

Is sleek not quite your thing? Go for the softer, more playful option with this loose low bun. Do not careful, because a few loose tufts do well here. All you have to do is grab your hair and make a loose bun around your neck. It’s the perfect balance between a messy bun and a sleek bun.

7- Christmas Hairstyles 2020: Bow

Grab your favorite curling iron or straightener. First, turn your locks into loose curls. Then grab the single strands from above and make a ponytail.
This time not on top of your head, but at the back. Make a bow around the elastic with a beautiful velvet ribbon and voilá: you will immediately look elegant and sophisticated .

8- Christmas Hairstyles 2020: Stars

Wow! We can’t make it more festive. With this hairstyle you are completely in the Christmas spirit. These stars will make you shine like never before. Straight hair, curls or a top bun : everything looks good with this.

9- Christmas hairstyles 2020: Hair Clip

The hair clips have made a comeback this year. Go for one large clip or combine a few tight sliders. Get some, secure part of your hair to the side and that’s it. It can be that easy.

10- Christmas Hairstyles 2020: Bubble Tail

Business in the front, party in the back! This bubble tail is nice and playful and looks great with any outfit. First make a high tail and use a second rubber band a little lower in the tail.

Pull the hair slightly out of the elastic in between until you get a ‘bubble’, as it were. Do this with the rest of your hair and you’re done! You can wrap a tuft of hair around each elastic or use bows to add some fancier .

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