Swarovski Perfect Christmas Jewelry Collection Not To Be Missed!

On the creation of decorations, we worked the most experienced jewelers and personally – the muse of the brand Miranda Kerr. Fine sparkling pendants symbolize good luck, love, joy, spirituality, strength, and grace.

Two lines of jewelry, Diapason, and Duo, allowing you to choose the perfect decoration, fully reflects your personality and character.

Christmas Collection


The perfect gift for any girl, an ideal choice for owners of refined taste: Christmas and New Year – the most coveted, the most long-awaited festivals of the year.

The Christmas jewelry gift collection not to be missed!

It was in those days, we, as children, feel ourselves a little in a fairy tale, which can happen any miracles. Every girl feels like a princess, every man – a good magician, who can give a favorite around the world.

Duo – is a modern interpretation of the original mascot “for good luck.” What could be better in the most magical night of the year? “For me, every piece of this collection – a very personal, therefore, an important symbol,”

Says Miranda Kerr…

Some of them are decorated with understated crystal pavé, the other cut in the metal coated in pink gold. The crystals are shades of precious stones give extra shine chain. “I like to combine the coating of pink and white gold. This is an important element of the collection, which makes it very modern,”

Says Miranda Kerr… Fineness and purity of the product allow you to wear proportions Duo along with other decorations. “This collection is suitable for self-expression, to demonstrate the exceptional views of life, that is, and Miranda, and I have. I am very glad, that this magical story will gain listeners in the most sparkling time of year, “- adds Natalie Kolonjë District, creative director of Swarovski.

For lovers of the classical company has developed a line of Diapason. The inspiration began Miranda’s experience from the first snowfall of the winter. Soft stages V-shaped and Y-shaped necklaces, their crystal droplets twinkle delicate smoky accents and blue tones of the midnight sky.

The wide variety of sizes, from elegant and discreet up attracting the eyes of massive necklaces, ornaments family Diapason can be easily combined with a cocktail dress and rebellious jeans and top. Breathtaking colors froze cascades of glittering crystals skillful cut transform the festive image.

In addition, this year for the Christmas campaign chose Miranda attracts the eye bracelets Stardust Deluxe and watches Crystalline Oval organic design and soft colors. And what you choose as a gift for the New Year?

Miranda organic design and soft colors


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