Christmas Makeup Campaign With Cara Delevingne for Yves Saint Laurent


Christmas makeup with Cara Delevingne is once again posing for Yves Saint Laurent. It sublimates the Wild Palette Collector Edition, Special Limited Edition Christmas luxury brand

Cara Delevingne is everywhere for the holidays! Top that already shows the Christmas makeup campaign Topshop now embodies that of Yves Saint Laurent make-up this time. It is indeed with the muse Cara Delevingne, the luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent launches limited edition special Christmas makeup cosmetics: Wild Palette Collector Edition. This is not the first time the model and brand work together, already face several ad campaigns, including Babydoll mascara.

Christmas Makeup Campaign With Cara Delevingne for Yves Saint Laurent
Cara Delevingne for make-up Christmas campaign Yves Saint Laurent

The Christmas Makeup Collector’s Edition Wild Palette Yves Saint Laurent

The face of Cara Delevigne, so emblematic of fashion, is perfect to embody as it should be the wildy gold look of the new YSL makeup palette. The shoot reveals a Cara Delevingne, fair-skinned and feline look, highlighted with shade brown eyelid Palette Wild Collector Edition. To complete her look, Cara Rouge Pur Couture door fuschia. All enhanced by its mythical dark and thick eyebrows. This is a christmas makeup that will not go unnoticed!

Christmas Makeup
The Wild Palette Collector Edition Yves Saint Laurent

Cara Delevingne used to pose for Yves Saint Laurent, is always enhanced by clichés and also by the makeup of the brand. In this new Christmas special collection, we note that the usual season eyeshadows are there. Only the red lipstick deserted. Bronze eye shadow, illumination and silver are still in the game, and we did not complain. The palette proposes quite warm tones bronze brown gold but black glittery. For the complexion, a pink blush, what have flushed cheeks by something other than wine at Christmas. Finally lip is the rose that is honored for this special edition, a shining pink lips and a red fuschia lips. The Collector’s Edition Wild Palette is for sale on the e-shop Yves Saint Laurent for the price of 90 €.

Source BY Yves Saint Laurent
Photos Source By Yves Saint Laurent

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