Christmas Manicure Red Glitter with Cheap Mavala and Colorama


Christmas manicure a week before Christmas I wanted a challenge for all those who do not use polish the rest of the year but would like a manicure for Christmas. If you’re unlikely to use these varnishes need to spend 12 euros per bottle like nail polish of Essie or OPI. Admittedly, these are very good quality varnish but spend so much for just one night is useless.

Christmas manicure and with this challenge, I discovered two very good products, spanning a single layer, and the keeping is really excellent. A great discovery for me since they are now part of my favorite products!

Christmas Manicure

Christmas Manicure with Cheap Mavala and Colorama

Of course, this Christmas manicure can be achieved with many other colors and brands of paint and then made you!

Manicure Christmas Red Glitter with Cheap MavalaFor this Christmas manicure, I used two varnishes. I APLIQUE a layer of Mavala red: the color is called “French Cancan” is a bright red, lacquered, although brilliant and covering in a single layer. I particularly appreciate this kind of varnish that spreads well and makes good on the first layer!

Then I applied to the upper half of the nail (the base of the cuticle to the middle of the nail) a thin layer of gold glitter of the Mini range Gemey Maybelline Colorama, bought in supermarkets. It is the shade No. 48 Honey Crystals.

I then applied a 2nd layer of gold sequins Colorama just at the lunula (the base of the nail) to make a sort of gradient as a laché glitter on my nails!

Manicure Christmas Red Glitter with Cheap Colorama goldThe glitter of gold Coloroma are just amazing because they are billions of tiny flakes of different sizes. There is so fine it looks like my nail received the stars and fairy dust! The real effect is really beautiful and I think the paint is highlighted by the gradient. This preserves the intensity of red, without too much glitter-that-shine.

To conclude with this manicure, I have spent only 10 euros in the purchase of varnish, and I found two great products that I reuse often. The photo illustration was taken two days after lying and the varnish has not budged.

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