Christmas Shopping Ideas it Is Organized For This Month


Christmas shopping in a month. I love Christmas shopping I love them. It took a moment to enjoy shopping, but now I love it serious. However, I think many moms will agree with me, it is still fun to do it all alone.

After a few years of experience in sales and Christmas shopping, I targeted the things I absolutely need to fully leverage my time to shopping othon. With all that, I am ready. In addition, as I am very nice as a chick, I share with you it is a gift. You are welcome.

Christmas Few Years Shopping of Experience in Sales

Christmas Shopping

1. A Shopping List- do not go anywhere without an organized and complete list. It is absolutely necessary for not doing anything. Must Focus! We do not need fifth pair mittens, even if they are too cute.
With all the new products for toys that come out at this time of the year, your kids have of you known what they want. Do not turn the purchase of the new trendy toy for later, because it will not be available later and your kid it will be terribly disappointed on Christmas morning in front of the tree and it sucks. A child disappointed that Chouine. So much.

2. Comfortable Shoes- From cute little flat shoes. I am absolutely convinced that if your feet are cute, it will make your shopping trip more comfortable and enjoyable. However, most important is that your feet will be cute, and that is cool too.

3. Mobile Phone – While shopping alone is very significant, as a mother, there will always be someone to need to call you (well, for me it is). Do not forget your phone! How else can piss you off your husband / ask redundant questions / guess how much you have already spent … But beyond all that, we cannot tweeter without his laptop, not be silly, take the laptop.

4. The Credit Card – My advice about credit cards is you apologize for your expenses before you leave home, it will save you from having to do it on the way.

5. Reusable Bags – First, because we care about the environment, and because it avoids having to pay for plastic bags with your currency. Which will obtain the next “must have” in my list.

6. A Great Coffee. He thirsty and you must remain vigilant. I need coffee. Nothing else to say about it.

7. A photo of your cute little family – Make a shopping can take Hours, and it would be able to forget what your children and your husband look, right?

8. Disinfectant Gel – This is not the time to catch germs. Protect yourself and those around you before, during and after your shopping spree. You can also include a spray bottle and more remotely to people who send their miasma in your direction.

9. Chewing Gum: You never know that you made a stop in a small Italian restaurant for a plate of “spaghetti aglio”. Pretend You Do not See Her, I am confused. Addition to the term fennec (although, if you hold in your hands the last super fashionable toy, it can be useful to repel hostile mothers).

10. A Beautiful And Large Purse – My theory is that over the bag, the more you can cum brothel in there (I know, I am a genius). Seriously, there is so much room in my bag, you might install a market family. Why walk around with an ugly tote when you could have a super cute It bag? You do not know, but a nice bag makes the world better. You can Googeliser, if you do not believe me. I swear it’s true. (If you need to check on Google, you do not know what you are missing, girls).

11. Chocolate – for energy, The quick sugar and morale. In addition, because chocolate is good! Very important!

12. A Glass Of Wine On The Way – to release stress, you will have earned it.

Well, that is it, you have the list, I declare you ready! I am sure you’ll come out, do Christmas shopping as goddesses and find the best deals in the world of the earth. Go now! Buy! You will thank me later.

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