The Christmas Tree Instructions (2021): Make A Dress From Fir Branches


Traditionally, the Christmas tree is simply a Christmas decoration For 2021. Make a dress from fir branches: Instructions for a creative alternative to the Christmas tree…

But for more and more people, the absolute classic is too boring. Then we search for alternatives to the Christmas tree. We’ll show you a DIY idea that will bring glamor to your own four walls.

Make a dress of fir branches and make it a sensation in the circle of friends. Because of a festive ambiance, you are guaranteed not to miss the alternative.

All the more, you must be really creative in the design of the fir-dress. Give your design a special aura – we’ll show you some ideas for inspiration. Let yourself be inspired by the numerous possibilities!

Make The Dress From Fir Branches Yourself: The Necessary Materials

The craft project starts with the selection of materials and accessories. His level of difficulty is considered moderate.

This means that novice craftsmen have to devote at least one day to the fir-tree dress and, above all, practice proper handling of wire and wire-cutters. The craft enthusiasts and hobby gardeners can do the job in one afternoon.

Incidentally, children are not allowed to participate in crafts – there is a risk of injury and the little ones should not help for safety’s sake. But if the dress is made of fir branches, you can join in decorating.

The first step is to get the necessary materials. Here is a list:

1. Tailoring bust made of plastic with fabric padding. Optional: Mannequin

2. Wooden box (optional, if the “Christmas tree” should be higher than the dressmaker’s doll).

3. Jute

4. Rabbit Wire

5. Florist wire optional cord.

6. Cable ties, 10 cm, 100 pieces: 2-3 packs

7. T-needle, 1 pack

8. 30 large fir branches, thuja, pine, boxwood, cedar, holly branches. Combine different branches for maximum effect.

9. Deco with natural materials. Add variety to the fir dress with other natural materials such as pine cones, winter berries, nuts, acorns.

10. Christmas tree decorations according to your own preferences. Or decorate the dress with fir branches with bows, Christmas tree decorations such as Christmas angels, Christmas baubles, poinsettias, various decorative figures such as Rudolf the reindeer or Santa. Similar to the Christmas tree, a garland may not be missing.

11. To decorate: glitter, snow spray

12. As lighting, you can rely on battery-powered fairy lights.

Make A Dress From Fir Branches: The Necessary Accessories

Furthermore, you must obtain the necessary accessories in advance:

  • Tape measure
  • Shears
  • Scissors
  • Pruning shears
  • Safety gloves

Always work with gloves: Similar to gardening, there is also a risk of injury in this case. Never leave the scissors unsupervised if you have small children or pets. Take your time in crafting and always watch out when cutting.

Dress Made Of Fir Branches: Crafting Instructions

The first thing you have to do is to determine the location of the fir-cloth. Once set up, it is difficult to move back and forth. At least 2 square meters of living space, so you have enough space for crafts. Put the dressmaker doll in the middle. As a precaution, lay painter’s fleece on the floor. Prepare all materials and tools so that you always have quick access when needed.

How many branches you will need is closely related to the volume and length of the pine dress. Basically, you need at least 20-30 large fir branches for a fir dress. These can be ordered directly from a Christmas tree culture.

And So Is The Long Fir-Dress Made:

1. First cut a piece of jute measuring 70 cm X 110 cm. Then wrap the tailor bust with it (make a top of it, so to speak). Secure with T-needles.

2. Measure the necessary skirt length with the measuring tape, place the wire mesh on the garden table or on the floor, and cut. Bend the edges inwards. This step may require you to need a helper.

3. Fix the rabbit wire with the ties, with the cord at the tailor’s bust; bend the wire in the shape of a flared skirt. Tie the ends with the T-needles.

4. Spirally attach the large fir branches to the rabbit wire. Work from the bottom up. If there are protruding branches, you can prune them with the pruning shears.

6. Continue until the pine branches have completely covered the wire. In some places, you can then add pine or thuja branches.

7. Decorate the Christmas tree according to your own preferences (below, we show you several creative decoration ideas).

8. Cover the ends of the fir branches with deco tape. Under the deco tape, you can also make the batteries of the spiral-wrapped lights disappear.

9. The battery-powered light chain has a distinct advantage in that it does not need a direct power connection and therefore the fir dress can be displayed outdoors as well. Plus, you do not have to trip around in cables.

10. You can spice up the jute top to bring out the top with necklaces.

11. After Christmas, you can carefully remove the fir branches with the tree dam Dam and store the wire coat in the garage or in the basement until next year. If you like, you can at least make a floral dress again at Easter. Hobby gardeners can also conjure up charming arrangements in summer.

Dress made of fir branches: The right location and the right care are crucial for longevity

Similar to the Christmas tree, the right location also plays a decisive role in the longevity of the Christmas tree dress.

Make sure that it is not near a radiator. To prevent the needles from laying on the ground after just one week, the pine branches should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The perfect location is also a room where airing is done regularly.

The pine branches are guaranteed to stay fresh longer if you put the pink dress on the terrace or at the house entrance. Cold, frost, and wind can not damage the fir branches – they are extremely weather-resistant and last longer even when they are in a cool place.

Proper care is crucial for the longevity of the pine dress. Spray the pine branches daily with water. Dissolve fresh flowers in the water, it also keeps the fir branches fresh longer.

How long, in the end, the fir branches stay fresh, and when they begin to lose their needles, is also related to the tree species.

Fragrant and long-lasting variant offers the Nordmann fir, the hard needles and can endure up to 6 weeks at home. As a cheaper alternative proves the noble fir, which is in the middle price segment.

The blue spruce holds “only” 3-4 weeks, but shimmer but their needles in an attractive slightly bluish undertone. The pine is also priced in the golden mean, its branches look attractive, but the needles sting very strong and are therefore not suitable for families with small children.

No matter which variety you choose: Fresh branches are recognizable by their shiny needles and their slightly spicy fragrance.

The longer the fir branches are exposed to a high room temperature and transported, the faster they turn yellow and lose their needles. And if this happens, you can always replace individual branches with new ones.

Dress Made Of Fir Branches: Puristic Decoration Idea

You have already made the fir-dress, now you have to decorate it. Let your creativity run free and choose a design that best suits your personal taste. First of all, we present you with a restrained fir dress in a purist style.

Make winter highlights by spraying the dress with artificial snow. Create a happy Christmas spirit with a corsage made of music paper. You just have to make a paper cone from the individual sheet music and put it in the deco tape.

Decorate the skirt of the fir dress with several feather birds and two-three Christmas balls in muted colors. Bring variety with wicker balls.

Decorate according to the motto: “Less is more”, you do without too many decorative items such as garlands or fairy lights.

Dress Made Of Cypress Branches For Outside

In the outdoor area, you can even completely do without the Christmas tree decoration. Put on a fine velvet top and an organza ribbon with a plaid pattern.

A fir dress in itself is an exciting new alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, so you can let your creativity run wild and experiment with different branches. Pictured above: cypress branches.

Incidentally, the idea of a pine dress comes from the USA, where many shops decorate their shop windows for Christmas.

So that you do not have to clear the tailor’s busts and the tailor’s dolls, some shop owners have come up with an alternative. The end result was so impressive that many customers have implemented the idea in-house.

Gradually, the trend has developed and also conquered the hearts of craft fans. No wonder that in Pinterest just a lot of ideas can be found on the subject.

Fir-Dress With A Difference: Glittering Designs In Pink And Purple

Because of only traditional in red and green? A fir-dress can also be staged in the trend color purple or in delicate pink. For the design shown above, you can buy white artificial fir branches and then sprinkle them with pink paint spray.

A LED light chain sets accents and brings the original design to an advantage. An organza ribbon sets exciting accents at the top and the bolero adds the finishing touch to the fir-dress.

Pink Christmas Decoration Dress From Fir Branches Alternative Christmas Tree Feather

But it is also more magnificent: above the pink corsage with artificial pearls, below the organza flowers, the Christmas angels with real feathers, and the pink Christmas tree decorations.

For best results, you can sprinkle the Christmas balls with glitter spray and get great effects in this way.

Pure glamor: This is how the above arrangement in purple can be described. Give the Christmas tree an individual touch by experimenting with colors.

Vintage Touch With Pine Dress In White And Blue

Do you have vintage furnishings? Bring a nostalgic touch with a blue and white fir dress.

Decorate the fir branches with vintage Christmas tree ornaments from the grandparents. Or you can imitate Outlook successfully.

There are many accessories in the trendy shabby-chic style of living, which has established itself as an inexpensive alternative to vintage.

Decorate Fir-Tree Dress With Natural Materials

If you want to put the pine dress outdoors, it’s best to rely on natural materials:

Pine cones and winter berries are long-lasting and will ensure a happy mood in the run-up to Christmas.

Simply attach the natural materials to the fir branches with cable ties. By the way, if you leave the Christmas tree dress outside overnight and put it back in the house for 3-4 hours in the morning in a cool place, it will stay fresh longer.

Sprinkle fir garments that are to decorate the entrance, preferably not with artificial snow.

So they can no longer absorb the water and as a result, the needles become brittle and fall quickly.

Whether glorious in contrasting colors, glamorous with glitter effects, or simply simple and reserved purist: every fir-dress can be versatile in the interior staging.

To keep the design fresh for longer, after purchase, leave the fir branches for 1-2 days in a dark and well-ventilated room.

Get the remaining materials by now. You can start crafting on a rainy weekend.

Our tip: Take your time; wear long-sleeved clothing and safety gloves. Do not let the children help you with this. When handling scissors, there is always a risk of injury.

If you need assistance in crafting, get an adult helper. Follow our crafting instructions step by step. Decorate the finished fir dress with seasonal natural materials such as winter berries, pine cones for a pure nature design.

Make a change with thuja or pine branches. Or rely on creative Christmas tree decorations made of feathers, wood, and fabric – for a purist overall picture. Experiment with colors, artificial snow, and glitter for a modern look. Hide the florist wire with a garland.

Do not forget the battery-operated fairy lights – so their homemade alternative to the Christmas tree in the evening for excitement. Especially when the Christmas tree is at the entrance to the house, good lighting is a must. We wish you a lot of fun crafting!

Christmas Decoration Dress Fir Branches Jeans Top White Garland Deco Idea


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