Christmas White Chocolate Truffles Recipe Easy Ingredient


White chocolate truffles recipe but goodness! But even that beauty as we can make them more Christmas with a clever use of candy canes crumbled. Let’s see how to do it.

Admittedly, the recipe for which we propose we inspired cuisine with stars and stripes because basically resist the American decorations with candy canes at Christmas is really impossible. But we have a little ‘ re-arranged our own way. And then the classic truffles blacks have become adorable cupcakes with white chocolate studded with sugar. We are sure that the kids will love it.

Christmas Truffles chocolate -1

For about twenty pieces you will need 250g unsalted cow’s milk ricotta or the same amount of another cream cheese 150g icing sugar, 200g of white chocolate chips and made molten in a water bath, 7-8 drops of extract peppermint, 5-6 crushed candy canes in a big way (alternatively you can use the tails white, red and salve.

Mix the cottage cheese or cream cheese with the powdered sugar and beat with a fork or with an electric whip until they are well combined. Pour in the melted chocolate drops of mint extract, mix and then pour into the bowl of cottage cheese, stirring carefully to mix all the ingredients.

The resulting mixture should be covered with a film of cellophane and put in the fridge for half an hour, just long enough to make it cool and make it easier to work with after this time take out the bowl place the chips in a bowl candy canes from the edges of low balled the dough with chocolate and ricotta cheese with your hands and then roll it in the cup .

The sugar will adhere immediately and give color and flavor to your truffles. Put the candy in paper cups with a Christmas theme and offer to the guests. In a few hours you will have achieved a delicious dessert afternoon that will certainly please those who come to visit you during the holidays.

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