Cleaning Your Face: How To Minimize Pores On Face

Cleaning Your Face

Cleaning your face is probably one of the most important treatments for people who appreciate the beauty and take care of your skin because without this does not maintain the beauty and skin tone, this procedure simultaneously rejuvenation, nutrition and cleansing the face.

Our face is constantly open to all the vagaries of the weather and the winds of nature including, it is therefore very important cleaning first you need to decide on a way to do it yourself at home, using for this purpose the mask or go to a professional beautician.

It should be noted that the cosmetology each time mastering all the newer technologies, thereby cleaning procedure is acquired not only the efficiency but also has a very pleasant and it is very important for every woman.

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Let’s take a look at the most well-known procedure, so that you can choose for them the most appropriate option.

Cleaning Your Face With Masks

Mask is not only the easiest and most convenient way to cleanse the skin but also very effective. They are also good in that you can use at home to clean; only the best and natural mask but it is necessary to take this process carefully as possible the risk of rejection of various factors, allergies and some not at all pleasing side effects.

Cleaning Your Face & How To Clear Face-

Cleaning Your Face With Peeling

Such cleaning is divided into hardware and mechanical. Mechanical exfoliation is a massage with a variety of drugs that have the property cleaned, dissolve and remove dead skin cells.

The simplest hardware peeling, it brossazh, which is carried out by using special brushes that due to rotation can clean up and make excellent massage the skin.

Vacuum Cleaning of the Face to Remove Pimples and Blackheads

This peel has a lot of positive and negative. The nozzle of the vacuum sticks to your skin pores and removes unnecessary sebaceous excesses of cork grease and dirt.

So, you can cause a great effect of lymphatic drainage and improve color.

In contrast to the mechanical cleaning of the face, vacuum the least painless. But also it is less effective, which is why it is worth using and combining with Brossazh mechanical peeling and besides that, you should carry out a set of procedures to maintain your skin in good shape.

Cleaning Your Face & How To Clear Face

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Such cleaning is different from other similar procedures traumatizing. Facial skin wetted particular contact medium boiling acted upon by ultrasound, which causes exfoliation obsolete cells in the upper layer of the epidermis, causing increased tissue regeneration may flatten the wrinkles.

Post Workout Skin: Why you ALWAYS have to
Cleaning Your Face after exercising

From the sweaty Pilates Session to the Soul Cycle Course, a refreshing shower is a workout for most of us , such as lifting crunches and lifting weights. But there is still a body part that we should never neglect after sport, namely the face. Why? We reveal the background.

Why the skin suffers after exercise

It is the so-called post-workout skin, which can lead to major skin problems , as this is extremely burdened by the sport. Reason number one is the sweat that comes out through the pores. Although the secretion can also help transport toxins out of the body (as is the case in the sauna, for example), it sticks to the surface and absorbs sweat back into the body.

The actually excreted toxins thus return to the lower layers of the skin, including bacteria and germs, which are brought to the face via fitness equipment, weights or mats in the studio. Once inside the skin, this cocktail can be reachedfor inflammation, impurities , clogged pores and irritations.

Golden Beauty Rule: Cleansing after the workout

The only, and admittedly fairly simple, solution to prevent skin problems caused by sweat and bacteria is to cleanse the face as quickly as possible after a workout. However, clear water is useless here, it already needs a cleanser to get rid of the nasty layer of sweat and germs.

So it’s best to take it under the post-workout shower and thoroughly cleanse the face, as well as the body.

Extra tip: Mild cleanser formulas work best because they do not interfere with the natural protective barrier of the skin and its oils, which can easily regenerate.

So you can gradually cleanse your pores and refine your complexion

Who does not know it? You want nothing more in the face than smooth skin and fine pores. But just large pores and blackheads forming in it occur more frequently than one would like.

They are not very beautiful and are often difficult to remove even with regular facial cleansing. That’s why in this article we give you effective tips to gently cleanse your pores and prevent new impurities.


Before we introduce you to our most effective methods for gentle yet successful facial cleansing to purify and refine your pores, let’s briefly clarify the question of how large and clogged pores and blackheads actually occur.

Because that’s relatively easy to explain: In the pores of our skin, dead skin cells, as well as dirt from the air or our fingers, collect as well as make-up remnants throughout the day. But excessive production of fat and sebum also cause our pores to clog and form blackheads, especially around the nose and forehead and chin.

The aim of facial cleansing is thus to open the pores, clean them and then refine them. For this we recommend the following steps.

Clean Pores For A Beautiful Skin

Cleaning Your Face Step 1: A steam bath to open the pores

A steam bath is a real wonder drug to open and clean the pores through the warm steam. Proceed as follows:
  • Heat water in a pot until it starts to steam.
  • Put the water in a bowl or place it directly on the table in the pot.
  • Sit comfortably at the table and lean your face over the pot. Put a towel over your head and allow the steam to act for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Then gently brush with a damp cotton cloth over your face to remove the impurities of the pores.

Generally important for the steam bath: The water and the steam should not be too hot, otherwise there is a risk of burns and the skin dries out.

Such a steam bath can be used twice a week as a single care routine. Then cream your face with a nourishing moisturizer. The steam bath is also perfect as a preparation for further pore cleansing.

Cleaning Your Face Step 2: Express The Blackhead Or Clean The Pores With The Come Done Squeezer

After you have prepared your skin for facial cleansing with a steam bath, you can again specifically purify the pores, for example by gently expressing them with your fingers.

However, be very gentle so as not to hurt your skin! Also make sure that you disinfect your hands in advance and wrap a tissue around your fingers.

The same work is done by a comedone squeezer (Komedo means blackhead).

The comedone squeezer, also called comedone jack, is a small metal rod with a loop at the end. With it you can easily clean the pores. For this, the loop is pulled with light pressure over the affected skin. So the dirt is easily pushed out of the pores and peeled off.

Also important here: Disinfect your hands and the comedone squeezer carefully before use to avoid inflammation.

By the way, you can find comedone squeezer in many drugstores, but also on the internet.

Steam Bath Facial Cleansing

A steam room helps to open the pores

Cleaning Your Face Step 3: A Facial Peel To Cleanse The Pores

Facial scrubs are available in various versions already ready to buy. Many of them have also been specifically designed to cleanse and refine pores. What is important with such scrubs is that they are not too coarse-grained, as this can irritate and injure the skin. For example, washing gels with fruit acid are more suitable.

You can also do a peeling yourself. For example, with lemon and sugar. The juice of a lemon already acts like an exfoliant, the citric acid cleanses the skin and frees it from dirt and excess oil. In addition, it helps to open clogged pores, which is still supported by the sugar.

Simply mix 2 tablespoons of sugar with the juice of half a lemon and a little water to exfoliate. You can massage this in gentle, circular movements for five minutes on the affected areas. Then rinse the peeling off with cold water.

Just like the steam bath, you can regularly incorporate the exfoliation into your skin care routine. However, you should use a scrub maximally once a week, so that the skin is not too dry or irritated. If you apply the exfoliant on your own, apply a moisturizing cream.

There are also peeling brushes for pore cleansing. However, these are not recommended for hygienic reasons. If the brush is not always carefully cleaned and dried, bacteria and germs develop in the long term, which can also cause inflammation and skin irritation on contact with the skin.

Cleaning Your Face Step 4: Facial Masks Are Ideal For Skin Care And To Refine Pores

After cleansing the pores, facial masks with natural ingredients are especially good for calming, moisturizing and refining the pores. For example, use masks with almond oil or shea butter. Activated carbon masks are good for cleaning and shrinking final pores.

So you can make a face mask of activated carbon and healing earth yourself:

  • Crush 2 tablets of activated charcoal in a bowl to a fine powder.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of healing earth and about 2 teaspoons of water.
  • Mix everything into a creamy mask.

The cream should not be too liquid so that it can be applied well to the face. Distribute the mask evenly on your skin and then leave it on for about 10 minutes.

Then you can remove the cream with a washcloth and warm water from the skin. It is best to use a dark washcloth, as the activated carbon may leave behind dark residues.

If any remains of the mask are left, you can just keep them in the fridge and stir again with creamy water at the next application with a little lukewarm water.

For best results, you can apply the mask twice a week.

As already indicated, you can combine the individual steps in a regular beauty routine, or use them individually to cleanse the pores and refine skin texture. However, it is important in all steps: Do not apply too often as this can dry out your skin. On dryness, the skin reacts with even more sebum and fat production.

Face Peeling Care

A face mask helps to refine the pores

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