How To Wear The Cloak Without Losing Focus? Autumn Winter Coats


When we talk about it, you are quite categorical: the cloak is only tolerated on the superheroes. Yet this trendy coat has it all. Wear the cloak without giving the impression to go out with her plaid on the shoulders, it is possible? Challenge accepted.


Not very practical and unflattering, do you think? Reserved for curved torsos, knights or perfect bodies? Nay, the cloak, you will love it!

The cape, trendy coat of autumn winter

For some seasons, the cape tries to seduce us. So much so that she knew how to make a place for herself in our dressing rooms. Considered as the new short coat, the cape has become an indispensable anti-cold piece for winter rather than a vulgar piece of wool inconvenient and shapeless.

As a result, fashion trends have made it one of the essential autumn winter coats. Maxi or mini, united or printed, it is everywhere. Better yet, the trends of the season have put on the front of the scene, at the same time, her cousins: poncho and plaid.

All you have to do is choose the model that suits your style and your body type. With its loose fit, we feel that the cape does not go to everyone. However, if you know how to wear it, the sleeveless coat knows how to do it all.

When you are small, you avoid drowning in tons of fabrics, which could pack your figure. We must, therefore, turn to short models. To add structure to the silhouette, we add a belt at the waist. When one is tall, on the contrary, one can afford the capes maxi and oversize.

We follow closely the trend prints of the season to choose her cape! Tiles, stripes or leopard print, the key trends of the moment combine perfectly with the cloak and add pep to winter cloakroom!

How to adopt the trendy cloak?

To wear it, fall winter fashion trends do not impose anything. Everything is a question of balance.

To wear the cape in a classic style, nothing more simple. It is chosen in black or gray wool and is paired with 7/8 pants with a pair of pumps.

For a rock silhouette, it is imperative to associate the cloak with leather or imitation leather. Opt for a midi skirt, slim or wide leather pants and you will be almost perfect. All you need is to choose the right cape: black or animal print!

The British style breath on fashion trends. Result? Scottish tiles are everywhere. We combine its plaid print cape with a nude oversize sweater and vintage jeans. In this look, the cloak is the strong piece, no need to accumulate accessories!

This season, your favorite fashion brands offer their own version of the cape. Checked at Maje, structured by Claudie Pierlot or camel at Zara, the cape adapts to your fashion desires.

Trendy Cloak + Cape
© Claudie Pierlot, Maje, Zara

For a less structured look, the fluid cape is the ideal alternative! Designed as a plaid to wear, the poncho brings a cocooning effect that we love for the cool season! It is chosen printed tiles or color block to boost a total black look.

Ready to adopt the cape this winter?

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