Simple Ideas For A Cocooning Winter Room


And these ideas are even valid in the living room for a cozy atmosphere!
Putting on a jogging suit and wrapping yourself in a blanket on your way home from the winter evenings is comforting, but it’s not everything. While some choose to make them comfortable or others rely on moments of well-being to unwind at the end of the day, the devotees also have their tips to recreate an environment conducive to cocooning and enjoy their moment.

From the chosen color palette to the light and the materials used … a lot of little details help warm up the atmosphere so if you too, want to make your studio or bedroom a cozy nest for the cold season, we present you immediately

10 ideas cocooning accessible and trendy to realize right now.


11. A Light Garland

Around the headboard, the window, hanging on the wall or on a piece of furniture, the light garland instantly warms the atmosphere!

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