The Wedding Dresses Collection By Tony Ward 2020 2021


The Lebanese designer Tony Ward has created a special collection wedding dresses for Kleinfeld bridal, with a varied range of clothes presented at the New York International Bridal Week.

Tony Ward Wedding Dresses Collection For 2020

Among the most interesting of this line will bring out different weddings look classically elegant focusing on different details, choosing the fabrics to shape solutions that can communicate different female personalities.

Collection Wedding Dresses By Tony Ward

The constant experimentation characterizes each wedding dress signed Tony Ward, so come on stage creations that combine innovation and tradition,

so come on stage models feature a full skirt with a matching corsage design fitting, then follow models embellished with details chic, such as fine embroidery that invade the surface of different skirts, bodices appear on some of the buttons sought that close the bodice

Wedding dresses 2020 collection By Tony Ward
Wedding dresses 2017 collection By Tony Ward

Among the most original stand out several short dresses, which give way to the female models cut siren to draw with sensuality silhouette women.

Within the proposal bridal Tony Ward stands models mermaid tail end with tulle and chiffon and with the top decorated with beads and rhinestones embroidered, shaping of romantic floral patterns silver decorating around the bustier.

Also, follow different patterns lines slip with deep neckline ava plus geometric motifs embroidered tone-on-tone, with the soft skirt that opens to the bottom. Stand also different outfits with the wide skirt with matching camisoles embroidered necklines discrete chic that completes the model.

Fashion Bridal Wedding Dresses Collection Tony Ward
Fashion Bridal Wedding Dresses Collection By Tony Ward

Stand out even different models peplum, with embroidered bodice inspired by the art of origami, some bustier consist of fabric inserts shaped leaf in combination with an a-line-lined in tulle.

Also, follow the romantic large models with pleated ruffles on the skirt or composed of several layers of tulle style princely.

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