Components Must Be Avoided In Cosmetic


Avoided in cosmetic parabens, aluminum salts found … our cosmetics that you think may contain small harmless substances risk. It helps you to see clearly … Because they can penetrate the skin barrier and think they can affect the endocrine system, polycyclic masks, phthalates and aluminum salts found in some cosmetics such as perfumes or day creams are Use with caution.

Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist says, “the substances mentioned have all this common point of being disruptive potential endocrine effect by” hormone like “, in particular” estrogen like “.

A special caution should be recommended on behalf of the precautionary principle in children and pregnant or lactating women with personal or family history of cancer hormone. ”

Avoided In Cosmetic

What To Avoid In Cosmetic Products

A long list of substances known risk exists. The organization Greenpeace has published the guide “Cosmetics” which lists those substances brands that use them.


There are still and always questionable substances for health in cosmetics the dangers resulting from simple skin irritation to cancer risk introduces Rita Stiens, author of “The Truth about cosmetics.”
If now we are a little wary of parabens or aluminum salts (found in some deodorants) that are constantly being scientific studies there are many other substances questionable.


Already, because manufacturers do not know the effect of all the products they use because all components have not yet been the subject of scientific studies. It is estimated that about 100 000 chemical ingredients used we do not know the effects of nearly 1500 of them.
Moreover it is also unfortunately some manufacturers retain these components because their replacements are too costly or less effective.


Faced with such doubts then inevitably some head to the “natural” products. In cosmetics, the labels “Cosmetic” and “Ecocert” ensure the use of organic or natural origin and exclude PEG, silicones, petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives.

The fervent of “100% natural” adopt products for some time “home made”. Kits and recipes exist for making your anti aging cream home or soap. Only downside having the time and especially to follow the rules of use and conservation.

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