All The Coolest Ideas For A Concrete Deco At Home


This is concretely what you can do with concrete at home

In the same way that metal embodies industrial deco, that wood characterizes Nordic influences or that marble evokes contemporary interiors, concrete is the kind of material that immediately sets an atmosphere; a raw side that is reminiscent of lofts or artists’ studios and that makes it today one of the hottest materials in decoration.

Floor-to-ceiling through small objects, this coating gray, cold and imperfect has more than one use without his bag because it is also known for its robustness. But concretely, how, where and in what form to put concrete in its decoration? To guide you, we give you right away 10 ideas from the easiest to the most elaborate (you have an architect under your elbow?!) to give a trendy loft side to your home.

Pots Of Concrete Plants

Rather than buying a pot in the store – even if there are some very pretty! – the must still is to do it yourself, in a cylindrical mold like a bucket for example, or in a square format to make a planter. The Web contains tutorials, make plays!

Pots Of Concrete Plants


Mixed with wood or metal, the concrete has a lot of paces and again, if some brands sell pretty lamps, the most manual can try to make their own lighting.

wood or metal CONCRETE Lamp

Storage for concrete jewelry

As much as making a concrete pot or a lamp can be tricky, as small cones to arrange the rings are a breeze – necessarily, one fills the mold is the turn is played. And with a touch of paint as in the photo, the rendering is really cool!

Concrete cones for storing rings

A concrete bookend

There is no need to opt for letter-shaped bookends: any shape can do the trick – even a Buddha statuette for example!

Letters made of concrete

A Concrete Candle Holder

Because the concrete is ultra resistant, it can be used without fear as a candle holder and reused to infinity as soon as the wax is entirely consumed. Raw or painted, the concrete candle is the perfect decorative accessory!

Concrete candle holder

A Concrete Seat

The stool or small concrete coffee table is of an extra level of difficulty (yes, because you have to do it yourself, very few stores sell it!) But fortunately, the idea is very popular on Pinterest and it’s not DIY that’s missing!

Concrete stool

A Concrete Worktop

Unlike other decorations in concrete, the worktop is a bit more complex. Not because it has to be perfectly flat or the cuts around the sink are technical (even if all that is true), but the concrete must be protected with a varnish or a resin to avoid food stains and aggression of detergent products. Unless you prefer cement tiles in your kitchen ?!

Concrete worktop

Concrete Basin or Bathtub

Concrete is solid, certainly, but it remains a porous material that must necessarily protect when used in a humid world like the bathroom. Once this is taken into account, the sky is the limit: bath, basin … all elements of the bathroom can be concreted;)

Concrete bathroom

A Concrete Staircase

The book is technical and it is, therefore, necessary to call on an architect and craftsmen to achieve it, but the game is worth the candle: the rendering is ultra modern and design!Concrete Staircase

Concrete floor or wall

The concrete floor is “easier” to achieve than the walls or even the ceiling because they must house electrical cables, sockets, switches, lights etc … and it is a site to think well in upstream but that’s good, right?

So, did these 10 ideas of concrete deco make you want to put you in gray?

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