Consequences As Regular Make Up


Consequences As Regular Make UpConsequences as regular make up, Face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Therefore, the use of beauty products continuously for long periods can cause allergic reactions skin irritation especially in people with sensitive skin.

That’s because in these products often contain multiple chemical composition can be toxic to the skin eyes, lips …

Not only the face but the skin in any part of the body exposed to the chemical are likely to encounter the expression of allergic reactions such as itching, dryness, redness, rash, peeling may even peeling and grows acne.

2 Step Consequences As Regular Make Up

Consequences “seen And Heard” When Regular Make up 1

Acne Grows

The make up often cause our skin to be blocked causing Crises, clog pores, impede the process of sweating. It causes skin to produce more oil attract dust created flood conditions for bacteria to enter.

This is the cause of skin grows acne, cysts, May also be more dangerous infections suffering from skin disease.

Consequences As Regular Make Up For Thin Skin

Makeup often means that you constantly have to remove make up exfoliation. This is very dangerous because it will lose the natural moisture of the skin making the skin thinner and prone to irritation. In particular for people with sensitive skin this will become more fragile when exposed to sunlight resulting in the appearance of dark circles pigmentation freckles, premature aging…

Consequences “Seen And Heard” When Regular Make Up 2

Create Wrinkles

Make up routine for a long time will make continuous stretched skin loss of elasticity,, slowly sagging skin and cause wrinkles. Not only has that the use of brushes makeup tools also caused affecting the health of the skin on the face. More dangerous the epidermal cells are in danger of being torn bleeding, inflammation and the formation of open wounds of the face by sharp instruments makeup causing hard.


Due to frequent exposure to chemicals especially in the scratched area along with the pores are sealed we have inadvertently created the conditions for bacteria to multiply and cause skin infections.

According to the esthetics make up is often the cause of appear redness notes, acne, causing the infections of the skin the pores …

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