Hormone Weight Loss Program Step By Step


hormone weight loss Hormone weight loss by dieting and exercise, liposuction … most women have experienced. But hormone weight loss? You’ve heard before?

The hormone in the body does not only contribute to the functioning of the body but also the factors that strongly influence the emotions desires. So, take advantage of hormonal function was to turn into an effective weight loss tool.

Top 5 Hormone Weight Loss For You Health


Ghrelin is secreted by the stomach. It sends signals to the brain that makes you feel hungry faster. When you enhance activities to reduce calories in the body the concentration of ghrelin is stimulated to increase. In other words your body can never adapt to the diet will not stop the signal should be eating. That also explains why weight maintenance is sometimes even more difficult to lose weight.

But the good news is that ghrelin levels can be reduced only by the high intensity exercise and regular. Apply them keep their shape mode is that you have grasped the key to weight loss and weight maintenance and know.


Leptin is a hormone called adipokine produced by fat cells. They interact with the brain to the body to eat less and burn more calories. To maximize the sensitivity of leptin, the easiest is to get enough sleep and add to your daily diet green leafy vegetables and red berries rich in antioxidants. Losing weight is also a factor promoting hormone weight loss sensitivity and weight loss as long as the more leptin efficient about it.


It is an adipokine, but in contrast to leptin, adiponectin secreted when the body is more toned, neat. It helps muscles use carbohydrates to produce energy enhance metabolism, limit your craving.

How to create a lot of adiponectin in the body is also very simple just you take the time to move on and replace all carbohydrates in the diet with unsaturated fat menu (found in olive oil, avocado …)


Insulin plays an important role for the body and the body is the key to recovery after exercise build muscle and maintain the maximum amount of sugar in the blood. However, when the high carbohydrate intake and insulin excess it will inhibit the decomposition process and burn fat in the body. To limit the process that happens try to just load carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits, reduced starch and grains immediately after exercise.

Stimulating Hormone Weight Loss Benefits

The menu is rich in protein, low in carbohydrates will stimulate glucagons and cholecystokinin-2 enhances fat burning hormones and slow digestion, which limit your craving. Implementation of high intensity exercise in short time. Do not forget a deep enough sleep is an important factor for the effective exercise. Occasionally reward yourself any dish. That will reduce your hunger cravings significantly and motivation to exercise more effective then.

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