10 Best Cornrows Braids Hairstyles For The Summer Hair Trends 2022

Cornrow hairstyles for short natural hair… it seems that the trend of cornrows or braids plated is back! This hairstyle, perfect for afro hair, also conquered the celebrities and the fashion world … Discover 10 ways to wear them!

It is well known, that fashion is eternal.

It is therefore not surprising not to see the braid back glued to the front of the fashion scene, whether on photo shoots or on Instagram stars like Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber.

The glued braids or plated (or cornrows in English) are braids of various sizes and glued to the scalp.

Braids can form single lines, or more elaborate figures, and may end in long braids or as a bun …
The main thing is to go to a specialist hairdresser if we want the adoption!
This will prevent you from over damaging your hair and scalp.

Cornrows, what is it for?

If every summer we see more and more people adopt the cornrows for a few days or weeks, we must not forget that this is a traditional African headdress, especially recommended for afro hair.

Do not wear braids plated for over a month, at the risk of damaging your hair and suffering from alopecia, that is to say, a fall of hair.

Cornrows, discusses how?

This type of braid is more suited to African hair because they allow for an easy maintenance hairstyle, you can leave for several weeks (one-month maximum) provided good care of her hair.
It is recommended to wash her hair gently and moisturize the scalp with hair oil such as coconut oil.

To avoid small frizz on your tresses, it is advisable to sleep with a satin scarf on the hair for less friction.

Braid braiding is again the latest trend in the summer of 2022

The summer of 2022 is approaching and thus the desire to look beautiful, so every woman. Airy clothes, pompous jewelry, and a fancy hairstyle, you do not need anything more in the summer! Properly equipped many eyes of both men and women will be directed towards you.

Did we arouse your curiosity?

Certainly yes. If you want a modern and casual look for everyday wear, a trendy pigtail hairstyle is a right choice. Everyone can plait braid. We show you how.

Braiding the braid

So that you are in the trend and also save time, you get in the following a few suggestions on how to braid your own braid. Being simple and original can inspire you. The story is also reminiscent of the fairy-tale girl who made her journey through time and kept her innocence. Not only fitting for the Oktoberfest, but a trendy pigtail hairstyle also becomes the original idea for any outfit.

And so it goes on with braiding made easy

Done!! The braid has been braided. Of course, you can decorate the successful hairstyle with hair accessories, depending on your clothing. And you have already improved your mood and can be proud of yourself. So it goes again gradually to your perfect braid.

Be happy with a braid, in everyday life, or for a special occasion! Be creative with your hair and decide for yourself the length and quantity of your braids. The result is always trendy.

Hollywood stars trust again and again their look of a braid. Even on the red carpet, the braid is trendy. So unaffected remain the braid unusual, pompous, and elegant. The desired hairstyle is available, the summer can come!

Ideas For Braiding Hairstyles – Simple, Effective, Feminine

Braids are real classics among women’s hairstyles. From romantic and casual, to austere and elegant – the variety of different braided hairstyles leaves nothing to be desired. Here you will find an extensive collection of ideas for braided hairstyles and some video tutorials.

Ideas For Braiding Hairstyles: Lying Or Lying Down

It is this summer twirled and twirled – because braided hairstyles are totally in. The trend is strictly braided side worn braids, a Gretchenzopf that wraps around the head, or a loose braid at the back of the head, which looks a bit disheveled.

Even Hollywood stars like Blake Lively, Cheryl Cole, Eva Longoria, and Jessica Alba swear by knotted eye-catchers – whether casually braided or a little more festive.

Ideas For Braiding Also For Official Occasions

The herringbone braid is one of the most braided and popular braiding hairstyles. This is very versatile and varied applicable and can look a little more festive. For updos, for festive occasions, just the braids are a really good alternative if a not too strict look is achieved. By weaving ribbons as an accessory, every hairstyle can be given that certain something. If you get a casual look, the braid should be screwed in at random, and knots should look loose.

Style Hair With Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles represent little effort, but great impact. The traditional hairstyles with braids are beautiful and very practical at the same time. If you also weave the pony, then no disturbing hair flies into the forehead.

Small Braid As An Accent In The Hair

Ideas plaited hippie small long hair lipstick amber heard

Braids – the most beautiful braiding hairstyle of the season

The close-fitting plaited braids are a trend this summer. How to braid braids and where the technology comes from, we explain here.

The narrow, close to the scalp pigtails were for a long time only for certain cultures and sports or for people in a certain holiday mood reserved.

First and foremost the Kardashian clan, who waves well with his pigtails on social media. Now the trend hairstyle has arrived at festivals, on the beach, and also in the city. We explain the hype about them at the same time cool and girlish braids and show how to weave them the easiest.

Rastas are not a pawn

Due to this stronghold, you can wear them for several weeks. Also, showers and bathing are allowed with the braids.

There are different ways to braid braids. With an Afro-hairdresser you can get advice and get professional support.

Where does the braids trend come from?

Originally, the hairstyle comes from African tribes such as the Maasai or Samburu and has a spiritual background.

Condition: the hair has a minimum length of 5-10 centimeters. The Braid is ideal in hot weather, sun, and moisture and helps to not sweat too much.

Boxer braids – not only for boxing stylish

For a few months now especially “Boxer braids” are not only chic on the beach, but also on the catwalks and in the fashion capitals of this world. Kim Kardashian, Disney star Zendaya, Hailey Baldwin, and Chiara Ferragni have created a new hype around them on social channels.

On Instagram and Snapchat one finds massive contributions to the current beauty trend. Braided braids left and right from three strands – and you can walk around the world well-styled all day long.

Braids: the most beautiful braided hairstyles

How to braid braids

This can cause a headache. But: If you want to be beautiful, you must also suffer a bit!

If you want to try the boxer braids with your own hair, you can weave them as follows:

Step 1: Split the hair in two and draw a straight center parting.

Step 2: On one side of the hairline, as close to the scalp as possible, braiding down like a French Braid braid. But: Do not overlay the strands from the top but from below! The strands of hair are always taken alternately from the right and left and tied tightly. It is best to braid the strands towards the vertex so the braid stays close to the middle parting.

Step 3: If you have incorporated the strands up to the neck, then from this point can be normally braided to the end. On the other side repeat the process and you’re done! In the video, you can watch the boxer braid again step by step.


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