Cornrow Braids Styles Video:10 Best Cornrows Braids Hairstyles Step By Step


Cornrow hairstyles for short natural hair

Having been in vogue in the 90s, it seems that the trend of cornrows or braids plated is back! This hairstyle, perfect for afro hair, also conquered the celebrities and the fashion world … Discover 10 ways to wear them!

It is well known, fashion is eternal.

It is therefore not surprising not to see the braids back glued to the front of the fashion scene, whether on photo shoots or on Instagram stars like Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber.

Kylie Jenner and plated braids hairstyles
Kylie Jenner and plated braids hairstyles

The glued braids or plated (or cornrows in English) are braids of various sizes and glued to the scalp.

Braids can form single lines, or more elaborate figures, and may end in long braids or as a bun …
The main thing is to go to a specialist hairdresser if we want the adopt!
This will prevent you from over damaging your hair and scalp.

Cornrows braids hairstyles, for a chic evening look
Cornrows braids hairstyles, for a chic evening look

Cornrows, what is it for?

If every summer we see more and more people adopt the cornrows for a few days or weeks, we must not forget that this is a traditional African headdress, especially recommended for afro hair.

Do not wear braids plated for over a month, at the risk of damaging your hair and suffer from alopecia, that is to say, a fall of hair.

Cornrows, it discusses how?

This type of braid is more suited to African hair because they allow easy maintenance hairstyle, you can leave for several weeks (one month maximum) provided good care of her hair.
It is recommended to wash her hair gently and moisturize scalp with hair oil such as coconut oil.

To avoid small frizz your tresses, it is advisable to sleep with a satin scarf on the hair for less friction.

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