Corpus Hit the Temporary Nail Tattoos


This is new brand and is already addicted! Corpus Insider had the ingenious idea to give a second life to the big trend in recent months: Nail Art by creating temporary nail tattoos.

Corpus Hit the Temporary Nail Tattoos

We had already succumbed to the charms of Nail Art and its surefire way to attract the attention of guys but now the level up a notch with Corpus Insider temporary Nail tattoos. The brand has already launched a collection of temporary Nail tattoos to skin in 2012. Similarly a temporary Nail tattoo to the skin, nail art is easy to install on nails well filed. Fashion accessories, temporary Nail tattoos are all the more beautiful as each other and are very original.

Corpus Hit the Temporary Nail Tattoos-

Unlike stickers, Corpus Insider Nail tattoos make no material effects on the nails and offer original designs that make us think about the nature and sunny days arrive. Finished patches that is difficult to apply. Corpus Hit found the solution for a refined finish and easy to do at home.

In the form of plate, it takes € 15.50 for 2 boards of 14 Corpus Insider more a Nail tattoos on the skin. To apply is easy! The temporary Nail tattoos Corpus Insider apply on natural or polished nails. Then it’s the same principle as for tattoos Malabar (come on, admit it, you’ve tried it, right?) Except that there are drawings of flowers and a little more fashionable.

To ask these jewels ink well just file her nails and apply a top coat. Then, place the drawing on the nail with a damp sponge and wait for it to dry, simply. It’s fast! Christine Aguilar is only one of these five nail shopper, the marriage between the spring colors and the vegetal temporary Nail tattoos Corpus Insider will only be the prettiest. So, anyone Hurry! Visit e-shop to Corpus Crime, it is not a crime!

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