Creative Makeup Ideas With Colors Variety For Special Events


When it comes to makeup and more people are connecting with women but men also can use makeup.

In Western countries, this type of makeup is familiar enough to use especially for special events like Halloween.

Creative Makeup Ideas

Detail: Creative Makeup Ideas

However, makeup is actually used to help create a certain experience and make the wearer stand out makeup. You can use this type to make up into a butterfly, ice queen, peacock, fairies, etc. depending on the creativity.

It certainly did not make up this kind can be used for everyday appearance because the color blend that is really striking and applications that highlight character really different. There are several tips that can be done to apply make up creative.

Foundation applied to the eyes and face with a brush or sponge to sow foundation for cream or liquid foundation.

Eyes can be made wider by using swept right white eyeshadow from upper eyelid to brow and cheek bones up from the lower eyelid. By using liquid eyeliner you can frame eyelids with thick lines. Do not forget to use eyelash fantasy that you will need eyeshadow colors to create a unique and exciting mask. You can draw a butterfly wing patterns around the eyes.

You will need a makeup pencil that has a pointed tip and can be used to create designs that really appropriate. Therefore, you need to provide makeup pencil with a variety of colors ranging from white to blue.

For applications in the cheeks, you can use the color baby pink, violet, and red blush. Blush application that is near the nose should be bright and darkened cheek approach. In the fantastic makeup part papers who want to find that you do not want to pay more attention to the cheek area.

Lipstick is the last application to enhance appearance. You could be applying lipstick with a bold blue, light pink, dark purple, or even neon colors that will distinguish from everyday makeup. Lipstick on the outer lip is thicker than the middle.

These steps constitute the basis for the application of balusters creative makeup. Because makeup is closely related to the character and imagination, you can develop your creativity to get the character really liking.

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