Cucinelli Cashmere Women’s Collection for Winter


Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian brand known for clothing in cashmere, here are the new proposals of the autumn winter

Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian fashion brand famous worldwide for his creations but also for the fact that it is a company that works, that has gambled and invested in the made in Italy and who reaps the rewards. Billed uphill, a stock market listing that is worth $ 5 million and that the company has decided to split with its 783 employees, because if you reach certain levels and through hard work, commitment and passion of all. There can only be so and it is good that everyone becomes aware.

The new collection of Brunello Cucinelli for autumn winter is really fascinating, a minimalist style and simple but also very elegant and chic that blends well with many different looks and moods . These items can be combined with sports outfits, casual or very elegant, I like it because it is a style that leaves a lot of leeway.

Cucinelli is a famous brand for cashmere garments made with fine golden fleece of goats hircu ” which comes from the region of cashmere which extends between Afghanistan, India, China and Mongolia. Cashmere is offered on many items of clothing, such as classic sweaters (more or less elegant) but also jackets, blazers, dresses and scarves and coats then .

Cucinelli has not yet official but an online store you can find many items of clothing on, as an alternative I recommend you make a visit to the brand boutique, here’s where you can find them.

Photos Source By brunellocucinelli

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