10+Types Of Curls For Long Hair – Top Stars Wavy Hairstyles [2021 2022]


Curls for long hair looking at photos of stars with the “Oscar” for hours trying to reproduce them packing?

Let’s explore together the wavy hairstyles theory, and at the same time save on the services of a stylist. Shelookbook Beauty prepared a master class, which will help you create a wave for every mood.

Make curls: These methods are suitable for your hair!

How can I make beautiful curls and which method lasts the longest? We’ll tell you!

Every hair is different!

Every girl has a different hair structure, hair density and hair thickness. Therefore, a different variant for curling is suitable for everyone. We’ll tell you the most popular methods and which one is best for your hair .

1 – Curling Iron

The curling iron is probably the most popular device to make curls and waves. With the thin stick, you get small ringlets, and the thicker the stick, the bigger the curls. With the curling iron, the heat can be adjusted and so you can work more gently, but also turn up the temperature if you have very straight hair and otherwise do not hold curls.

Lure With Curling Iron Ideas Tutorial Red Hair Short Beginners Ideas

The hair must be dry before use, otherwise, it will burn. With a little foaming agent and heat spray, your hair well prepared. Then you cut them off, put the top strands up and start with the bottom ones. By the way, the curl turned outwards, the most beautiful effect created. This method is best for thick hair!

2 – Flat iron

With the straightener, you can not only straighten hair but also get it curly. But you rarely get real power curls. It is more suitable for light waves and beach waves. Similar to the curling iron, the temperature can be set here. Here, too, the hair divided into even strands and curled. This method also lasts the longest for thick hair.

3 – Curler

The Dyson Airwrap conjures up great curls, but also costs 500 euros. But comparable devices are already much cheaper from brands such as Braun, Siemens and Co. The curler is particularly suitable for thin hair that is difficult to curl.

Sleeping with curlers, Hairstyles To Do When You Don't Wash Your Hair

You put the strands in the device and they are drawn in automatically. after a few seconds, the device plays and the curl is ready. The advantage: These curls are more even and last longer – than those from the curling iron.

4 – Volume winder or papilla

We’ve all seen a grandma with curlers on her head. This method was the absolute trend before curling irons and the like even existed. You turn the curlers one at a time and leave them on your head for several hours. This is particularly suitable for short hairstyles.

Pilots have the same effect, except that they make even smaller curls. You can also work with heat with these variants, e.g. blow dry hot, but if you have curlers or papillotes in it long enough, you can do it without heat. This is gentler on the hair. These curls also last longer than those of the curling iron. This method lasts for all hair.

5 – Braided hair

We have all done that before. In the evening, braid small braids all around, preferably in freshly washed, wet hair – and open your braids in the morning. This creates small curls that last quite a long time. You can loosen them a bit with your fingers. It is best not to comb your hair afterward, otherwise, they will look like they have exploded. This method works for all hair!

delicate braided Hair "Mermaid" For Summer Hairstyles

What is the best way to hold curls?

You can also use some hairspray when styling. It is important that you do not touch your hair as often, because especially with thin, straight hair, the hair quickly unhooks and becomes smooth again.

Different wavy Hairstyles curls for long hair

6 – Natural Wavy Hairstyles

  1. Spray on dry hair texturizing spray.
  2. Take the wand to land and take turns to wind her strands, ranging from mid-lengths. Every Squeeze cut juz KOM. Pick up any device to create waves, which made in the form of two curved plates.
  3. Finally, little fluffy curls.
Natural Wavy Hairstyles with Spray on Dry Hair Texturizing Spray
Texturizing Spray For Natural Wavy Hairstyles

7 – Body wavy Hairstyles

  1. There cannot do without the styler to automatically create curls. Strands of 3-4 centimeters wide run within it.
  2. Hands vzbey curls.
  3. When they have cooled, sprinkle all the varnish of strong fixing.
Body Waves Hairstyles With Hands Vzbey Curls Without The Styler
Do body wave hairstyle, Hands Vzbey Curls

8 – Hollywood Wavy Hairstyles

  1. Take a thick strand and twist it into a bundle. She, in turn, Wrap several times around a large curling iron.
  2. Important: do it in the direction of the face.
  3. Comb with large teeth combs the hair gently, laying them in the form of the letter S.
  4. The final touch – Processed stacking means to shine.
Hollywood Wave Hairstyles With Large Curling Iron
Old Hollywood Celebrity Wave Hairstyles

9 – Rocker Wavy Hairstyles

  1. Large sections screwed onto the styler from the face.
  2. Leave straight the last five to seven centimeters in length.
  3. Underline the individual hair cream paste.
Rocker Wave Hairstyles Individual Hair Cream Paste
Hair Cream Paste Leave Straight Rocker Wave

10- Beach Wavy Hairstyles

  1. Divide hair into strands and ample twists them inward.
  2. Put your head down and go for curls brushed with a few teeth.
  3. Apply a spray of sea salt over the entire length.
Beach Wave Hairstyles For Curly Hairstyles and Ample Strands Twists

Photos Source Fotoimedia

Curls with long hair – so they last longer

Curly hairstyles are back in. They can also be conjured relatively quickly with a curling iron, hot winder or papillote in the hair. But all too often they hang out too fast, especially with long hair. However, we know some tricks on how to keep your curls on long hair longer and tell you what to look out for when curling.

Step cut for long, thick hair

Especially with very long and thick hair curls are quickly hung due to gravity. The hair is just too heavy. There is a simple trick for this. In women’s hairstyles with haircuts that are graduated, the curls hold much better because the hair is much lighter here. In addition, the hair is unevenly long, so that the curls come out much better. Sometimes even a few steps in the hair tips are enough.

The trick with the Papillon

If you conjure curls with papillotes into your hair, you should moisten the hair before screwing. Then leave the Papillote in the hair until its completely dried. Because the curls hold best when every single strand is really dry before you take the papillotes out of your hair again. Since they ade of foam, they do not press so much on the back of the head when lying down and can thus stay overnight in your hair.

Use before styling mousse

If you style your hair with a straightener or a curling iron, you can use a little mousse to make your curls last longer.

Split hair into strands

Curling iron and smoothing iron curls become more beautiful and defined if you first divide your hair into individual strands. To do this, part your hair in the middle and divide the two resulting hair parts in half, then divide them up again and so on. The individual strands of hair are pinned and lured successively. First, it is the neck part of the neck, then the sides and the top hair are to lure and only at the end the front.

Allow curly strands to cool completely

Straightening curling tongs or curling tongs will hold better if you carefully remove the curly strands from the styling iron and clip them to the head with clips. Only when all curls have cooled completely, the clips are removed from the hair.

Use the right curling iron

For very long and thick hair conical curling irons are best. The upper parts of the hair are turned on the thicker end of the rod and the lengths around the tapered, narrower end. Also, note that small curls last longer than large curls.

Does hairspray correctly

The completely dried finished curls should be combed only with your fingers before you fix your curls with hairspray. However, you should not spread too much hairspray in your hair as it complains the curls. So they hang out too fast again. A short spraying with volume hairspray holding grade 3 or 4 is completely sufficient.

Spray your curls best from below, at a distance of 20 cm. This keeps your hair relaxed and your curls last longer.

Do not use conditioner or hair conditioner

When styling curls, it is extremely important that the hair has a rough texture. However, if you use a conditioner or a cure after hair washing, the surface of each hair fiber becomes smooth and supple. This makes curling styling very difficult. The curls of long hair then hold only bad and slip quickly out of the hair.

We hope our tips and tricks will help you keep your curls longer.

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