A Customized Wedding Dresses? This Is Possible With This E-Shop!


The brand of wedding dresses Floravery decided to offer a new service on its e-shop: the customization of wedding dresses. From seven basic models, it is possible to add small details, or to remove, to get a truly unique dress.

Because we are all different, and we want our wedding to be unique, we dream of a wedding dress that we really look like. And for that, what better customization? In the US, e-shop offers wedding dresses you can choose every detail. And if we let try?

Floravery Wedding Dress

Many women tend to imagine their wedding since childhood. Among the details absolutely essential: a wedding dress sublime, worthy of a princess. But above all, a unique dress, which will not be found on the first coming. If this is your case, but you are not able to create yourself a wedding dress tie-dye or customized to your way, we found the solution.

Floravery, customize a site for her wedding dress

Of course, every change you make causes a change in the price of the dress. But relatively affordable, since the amount varies between 90 and 200 euros for each alteration. Ultimately, this is undoubtedly a real investment. But if it can afford to have a dress that we really like, the game is worth it, right?

What details to make my unique wedding dress?

Do you want to indulge? Know that each dress has its share of changes. For all, it is possible to change the height waistline, to the fit your figure, or change the length of the lagging.

Then it all depends on the dress. The model F. Daza such offers different sleeve lengths, while J. Capulet dress can be cracked if you feel the sexy mood. Do you fall for Model A. Hall? You choose the depth of the neckline in the back for a cheeky wise or result.

Finally, and this is probably our detailed customization preferred, it is possible to add a monogram in the lining of the dress, to put it blue the date of your wedding, or your initials and those of your half. A little more to the discreet, secret and unique and so romantic!

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