Latest Bow Hairstyle Instructions For The Girls In 2018


Only the simple bow hairstyle manipulation, you will complete the bun hairstyle neat bow, suitable for summer. The girlfriend likes bun will have the opportunity to update a new style for the summer.

Bun hair, bow hairstyle not only ensures criteria neat, cool but also strangely. If you are fed up with the usual bun hairstyle, apply this new style just okay.

The accessories need to prepare: hair band (rubber band) a few hairpins (including large and small) and hairspray.


1Bun Hair Bows Step

Compelling high ponytail hair. However, the final round did not pull out all the hair to form a coil of hair bulging out like this.

2Bun Hair Bows Step

Divide hair rolls sometimes (as in the picture).

3Bun Hair Bows Step

Swipe sideways to form two distinct parts.

4Bun Hair Bows Step

Turn the arc opposite sides to form hair bow.

5Bun Hair Bows Step

Pass the hand into the hair roll, and then use forceps to try to locate the bathroom again.

6Bun Hair Bows Step

Pin Extra grip on the 2-dimensional (top-down and bottom-up).

7Bun Hair Bows Step

Pull the ends through the loop between the positions of the two next to it, and then slid down.

8Bun Hair Bows Step

9Bun Hair Bows Step 8

Use a toothpick to clip hair extension in place fixed initial knots.

After using hairspray to keep order, you will get beautiful hair bun and bow gracefully like this.

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