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In addition to bringing the character of the modern rug, color and warmth to an interior, starting with digging a nice rug to dress your soil a little sad – but to save you the contact of the cold floor in the morning upon waking. A carpet is a decorative object more likely than ever. La Redoute in Pimkie, here are 10 models to pimp your soil

After your walls dressed executives and weaving and even your ceilings decorated with vegetable suspensions made with your 10 fingers, your home begins to take shape. But compulsive épingleuses you are – or single trend spotter – many other decorative projects are on your to-do list.

Essential in decoration, carpet allows expanding an interior, bringing it to the color and atmosphere cozy. Like many other objects, the carpet has also evolved over the years, from the carpet so the carpet down with long hair bed. In 2016, the woven carpet takes over, available in cotton or jute, but also the animal skin that is favored in synthetic models.

At IKEA, it is also easy to find a skin style carpet cheap sheep, as the Swedish brand offers a model called Tejn just € 14.95. Soft under the feet of the morning! At the same price, we like the carpet Miranda gray and yellow Maisons du Monde, with a herringbone pattern and fringed edges for style. For only € 19.99, get the silver cotton carpet Zara Home, which will dress so as bling as a chic floor raw concrete. If the coating is more wooded, so bet on the long carpet woven from H & M Home ( € 39.99 ) which will fit in the hall parquet floor of a Parisian building.

The larger budgets can afford to € 59.99 the great inspiration of Berber carpet Pimkie, which has just launched its first range of interior decoration. Superb in the room or at the foot of the sofa, under a small metal coffee table. At La Redoute, it will cost € 79.99 (instead of € 99.99 ) to obtain the superb carpet Afaw, also inspired by North African weavings. Still to € 59.99 towards Maisons du Monde, which offers carpet jute as pretty on the light wood floor that contrasts on a light concrete.

Finally, if you want to bring color to your home, as you suggérions to do by stylizing your balcony or terrace, quickly get your hands on the mat Ammonia of AM.PM ( € 58.65 instead of 69 € ), the motley bath mats of Primark ( € 5 ) that will perfectly illusion or model Kambala sold at Urban Outfitters ( € 100 ). With them, keep the decor minimal, they will stand on their own!

Credit: Primark, Urban Outfitters, La Redoute, Pimkie, Zara Home, H & M Home, IKEA, AM.PM, Maisons du Monde


10. IKEA

Deco house: IKEA – synthetic sheepskin Tejn € 14.95


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