Decorative Jars & Decorative Curtains


Here are a couple tricks that we do not necessarily think but which nevertheless will make a difference in your apartment or house and surely you will feel better at home because they focus on them your personal touch.

Decorative Jars & Decorative Curtains

your jars

You jars too you do not know what to do? So here decoration ideas for your jars and make your home more beautiful! The idea is simple and easy to do.

All you need is the glass paint and a little imagination. Regarding the paint it is advisable to take special glass paint baking. The latter will allow you to wash your jars without the paint parte machine dish washing. You can also paste figurines on the lid of your jar to give them an air of fantasy. And you can even put them on your shelf and impress!

your curtains

Whatever your window either a window or a pvc edge wood large or small, the curtains are there to dress. A tip the curtains are promoting clear and not too thick. They let a little more light than others. In addition, if they are clear or colors, they give a little more life into your room and lighten more.

So if you have a dull moment during the upcoming holidays or a burst of creativity, you can then build on these few tips to maybe impress your next guests whether for eating or chat!

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