Derma Roller: The Anti-Cellulite Needle Roller, Stretch Marks And Scar


The Derma Roller is the new hybrid beauty object: torture instrument or a real revolution in terms of cosmetic accessory, we deliver all our tips on how to use it and definitely adopt it! Often compared to the intervention of a peeling operation or derma abrasion as its effects under the skin are bluffing, Manual

The Derma Roller

A new trendy accessory, the Derma roller is a skin roller with nearly 540 micro-needles for the face and 1080 needles for the body from 0.5 to 1.5mm that promote good blood circulation and allow the most installed imperfections to heal quickly. Indeed, the needles stimulate the dermis of your skin by micro-perforation, which allows injured skin cells to react instantly and create more collagen and elastic, two key factors for good skin healing.

Derma Roller, Anti-Cellulite Needle Roller, Stretch Marks And Scar

Where does the Derma roller come from?

How to use the Derma Roller?

There are two different protocols with the Derma roller: indeed, you can use it on your body, or on the skin of your face.

The Derma Roller On The Face

When it comes to use on the skin of the face, it is better not to use needles of more than 1mm, and this even for the most sturdy epidermis. In addition to promoting the production of collagen and elastin, the Derma roller increases cosmetics penetration by almost 200 times: if you apply a cream just before using the Derma roller, the boost will be instantaneous and its assets will be multiplied.

For example, opt for a vitamin C cream to activate the blood circulation and give you immediately pink cheeks, or hyaluronic acid base for a “peeled skin” effect.

But the Dermaroller can also be used in many ways on your face: it allows to exfoliate the skin on wet skin, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines when applying anti-aging care and it softens even too sharp features of jaw and chin. On acne skin, it reduces marks and scars related to abrasive treatments by stimulating cell renewal.

The Derma Roller On The Body

When used corporally, the Derma roller is necessarily in a larger format, with nearly 1080 micro-needles. The larger the needles, the more visible the results will be, but for the more cautious (and no fear on this point, it is perfectly normal), we recommend that you start with the smallest needle, try it, and see if the results are up to your expectations.

Thus, the body Derma roller is perfect to fight against cellulite reduces stretch marks and find a smooth skin.

Usage Tips

If your Derma roller is new, be sure to disinfect it with a sanitizing spray. Then pass it under hot water, let it rest for about twenty minutes so that its drying is optimal and complete.

Roll it 8 to 10 times on each area of the face and body, horizontally, vertically and even obliquely.

Although you can use it daily, it is best to do your sessions in the evening because the skin can blush very quickly. But do not panic, the skin will have recovered its initial color a few hours later.

For the body, perform your sessions after the shower.

It goes without saying that the Derma Roller must have a personal use…

Do not use the Derma roller in case of pregnancy, open wounds, herpes, acne lesions that have not healed irritated or oozing skin, rosacea, blood problems or diabetes.

Derma roller: what results?

After 3 weeks of use, visible results are observed:

And you, have you ever tested it? Would you let yourself be tempted?

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