Difference Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise


When we exercise we must keep in mind what is our aim, thus, making the specific exercise. Since aerobic and anaerobic perform different functions and thus arrive at different results. Learn more about them below.

For starters, aerobic exercise is those where breathing is fundamental. They are less intense activities carried out for extended periods of time.

Difference Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

The purpose of this type of training is to achieve greater strength. Therefore, to obtain the energy required for each activity, you need to burn fat and carbohydrates. Consequently, oxygen is required, increasing lung function becoming one alternative to improve the cardiovascular system.

Aerobic activity helps improve coronary circulation, favoring the distribution of the capillaries in the heart muscle. Allowing blood to transit through places not reached sufficiently to work the body. It also increases the ventricular cavity, which is a decrease in heart rate at rest, which means that a saving cardiac output.

This exercise uses fat as the main energy source, reducing subcutaneous fat, located between the thighs. It’s perfect for someone who wants to define certain parts of the body, but for this, we must practice mandatory and constantly.

The most common exercises are dancing, cycling, swimming, skiing, jogging, skating and walking.

Some of the benefits of this type of aerobic activity:

  • Low levels of blood cholesterol, Go down levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases HDL (good). As a result, the risk of heart disease is reduced.
  • It helps burn fat and lose weight: Lower body fat, because used as an energy source, defining muscles after removing localized fat in them. The idea is to constantly practice a moderate intensity.
  • Lowers blood pressure: In hypertensive individuals, even in 7mmHg 4 mmHg systolic and diastolic. Diminishing thus the requirement for many drugs.
  • Reaffirms tissues: skin recovers part of the lost vigor, helping you feel and look younger, with a naturally healthy complexion.
  • Reduces blood glucose levels in people with diabetes: Practicing these exercises blood glucose is used. The “blood sugar” falls, which greatly help people with diabetes.
  • Increases the absorption of calcium by the bones. This strengthens and reduces the risk of fractures.
  • Resta adrenaline levels and increases levels of endorphins. Then, low emotional stress and improves mood, creating a good physical and mental condition.

Then the anaerobic exercises are high-intensity activities. Its main source is the force, that is, they are exercises that require large muscle strain in short periods of time.

This help increases muscle mass and gains power. Also, they robust even the musculoskeletal system.

This type of exercise is not recommended when you need to lose weight because it increases muscle mass so that muscle cells need energy accumulated in the body and to spend too much, the body chooses to use fatty acids booking.

Ending a session of anaerobic exercises are recommended stretching and some aerobic activity. Thus, the muscle lactic acid will be removed and facilitate blood circulation, improving joint function and muscle elasticity.

The most common exercises are weightlifting, gymnastics, soccer, running, and sit-ups.

Some of the benefits of this type of anaerobic activity:

  • Avoid excess fat and control weight.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • It helps build muscle and strengthen muscles.
  • Improved cardiorespiratory fitness.

Therefore, the difference -a broad term is that aerobic exercise improves lung capacity and endurance, helping to burn fat and anaerobic increases muscle mass.

If you are with the idea of improving your figure and your health, it is good to mix these two types of practice, either one to lose weight and the other to build muscle. Without forgetting that always they must be accompanied by a balanced diet.

These exercises help greatly to the body, preventing illness and complications. Well, they work the circulatory system and heart.

As always keep in mind that before undergoing these exercises, heart tests should be performed to find out how it is working. This is a way to know the status and conditions the body is found.

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