What Are The Different Types Of Yoga? Develops Physical Abilities

The different types of Yoga like dynamic yoga or vinyasa yoga in big cities like Paris, many styles of yoga are offered. For a new aspirant, it is often difficult to choose a center. Major trends can still be your guide.

Some seek a Yoga dynamic / static

The dynamic vinyasa yoga or yoga

The dynamic yoga or vinyasa yoga is characterized by a sequence of postures performed on the rhythm of your breathing.

Different Types Of Yoga

This work develops tremendous physical abilities:

  • The cardiovascular system is stimulated, so you improve your endurance, you burn fat, and gradually strengthen your heart.
  • The muscular system becomes more powerful, more balanced (right side / left side, upper / lower body)
  • Your mind is focusing on your breathing, you develop your ability to concentrate and let go of your daily worries
  • You develop your feelings and true mind / body connection
  • For lymphatic temperaments, taking action is an opening

Among the dynamic practice, you will find: Ashtanga yoga, jivanmukti, vinyasa yoga, hot power yoga

What are the different types of Yoga?

The static yoga or hatha yoga

Different Types Of Yoga Breathing

The static yoga or Hatha yoga is a slow practice during which the postures are held for several minutes. This work affects the body and mind in depth:

  • The muscles are drained, cleaned so everything that clutters: toxins and contractures
  • Membranes (connective tissue) surrounding muscles and joint are stretched, which promotes the amplitude in the operation of the joints. Gradually you regain your poise and your joint pain disappear.
  • The length makes possible a working meditation on your sensations rather than letting your thoughts or daydreams take all your attention, you will have the opportunity to realize a presence effort to stay connected to your body in stillness.
  • For restless spirits, immobility is a source of balance

Fall into this category: Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda, Satyananda, Anusara, yin yoga, Bikram

What are the different types of Yoga? Yoga style Paris

Some seek a Hot Yoga: hot yoga

Hot yoga corresponds to a sequence of postures performed in a room heated between 30 and 42 °.

The advantages are many:

  • More perspiration, therefore, more cleaning body
  • More relaxant effects on the knotted muscles
  • More because letting go when it’s hot, the head turns quickly if too much power

You will practice Bikram yoga, hot power yoga or hot vinyasa

Others like a more spiritual Yoga

Different Types Of Yoga and Their Benefits

If you want to stay in tradition and Hinduism attracts you, certain practices focus on the spiritual dimension in accordance with the principles of a master. You will find in these practical rules of life in accord with the Hindu philosophy. Yoga Sivanada, Satyananda, André Van Lisbeth offer a work on the body as well as workshops to learn how to cook vegetarian, meditate, sing …

Sometimes you will find some practical strong intention on the part of the teacher to take you back to what you are living here and now. This is to open yourself to what you are rather than being identified with what you do or like to do. It is proposed an experiment rather than a dogma or belief. It is our intention to Yoga Style Paris.

Apart from these major trends, know that the professor and his art of teaching is an important criterion. A teacher in the room to adjust, you listen, you watch is reassuring when starting a business. Test different centers, different teachers is important to be able to try different experiences and trusting your intuition and feelings.

And you what do you practice? What is your experience of yoga?

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