Dior Transatlantic Makeup collection for Spring- Summer 2014


Dior Transatlantic Makeup-1Dior Transatlantic Makeup launched his make-up collection for Spring-Summer 2014. Beauty selection may capsize the heart of fashionistas. All aboard!

Dior Transatlantic Makeup Takes off

Dior Transatlantic Makeup released a new collection for the summer season. There is little, Dior put forward selection Trianon which proposed pastel colors with tones worthy of the most beautiful boudoir parties. This time, Dior takes off and embarks on a cruise turning colors. Indeed, for his collection called Dior Transatlantic Makeup, the cosmetic brand has decided to take on a classic chart that is reminiscent of the theme of the sea It is timely because the grounds between land and sea comeback on podiums for next season. Thus we find fiery red, pink sunrise, aquatic blue and ultramarine blue. Dior offers two shades of lipsticks: Sunrise and Sunset, two colors perfectly suited to the day and the balmy summer evenings. If you like least lipsticks, lip gloss addict prefer Dior that are the same color. Therefore, there is a nude gloss and gloss “red defended.”

Dior Transatlantic Makeup-

In addition, Dior had the ingenuity make one palette eyeshadow. It consists of five color shades, to travel light without the deadlock on beauty. There is a gradient of blue, silver and golden beige. Finally, Dior presented a new innovation for nail gel effect, put forward in his Transatlantic collection kit nail polish.

Dior Nailpolish

Indeed, with each varnish including a nail file and nail stickers of the same color as the varnish chosen, with the logo of the House of Dior ( CD) and white stripes. Varnishes are fiery red colors, beige and blue water. Dior has pushed further his ideas for his Transatlantic collection also giving the names of the boats varnish. Dior knows how to handle naval art beauty look brilliantly for a collection that makes you want to throw ink!

Dior Lipgloss Dior Transatlantic Makeup Dior Transatlantic LipstickSource: Dior.com

Photos Source BY Dior

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