DIY Body Scrub Natural Recipes Proposed By Clio


Here are some tips on how to carry out a DIY body scrub proposed by Clio, using only natural ingredients, Realize the wonderful beauty treatments using natural ingredients just might be an alternative idea to save money or to make gifts to her friends. In this post, we’ll talk about a scrub for the body do it yourself by following the advice of Clio, young and nice girl with a passion for make-up.

The DIY Body Scrub With Natural Recipes of Clio

Clio Make-Up started her career through the popular youtube channel, offering fantastic alternatives regarding the makeup and combining different natural ingredients for facial cleansing and moisturizing the skin. In this post we will talk about one of her many creations, using a few items easy to find.

DIY Body Scrub

To achieve the coconut scrubs that Clio has decided to propose, need four tablespoons of coconut flour, four tablespoons of brown sugar, four tablespoons of almond oil and a vanilla bean, which will then grate. Remember to take a rather large container, so that you can keep the product for a long time.

But where do you start? First of all, pour flour, brown sugar and oil, mix well and choosing the type of consistency that you like, making sure it is not too runny, because it will leak. Only as a last step you have to add the vanilla, which will make this DIY body scrub even more delicious.

Clio recommended applying the product to wet skin, in case your skin is sensitive, with circular movements on the affected areas. In case you wish to effect a more energetic and strong, it suggests the use on dry skin.

Photos Source By  Maria Laura on Pinterest

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