The 5 Decorations For the Christmas Tree DIY Low Cost

Christmas Tree DIY
The 5 Decorations For the Christmas Tree DIY Low Cost

A beautiful Christmas Tree DIY decorated is a feast for the eyes and immediately puts joy, then if it is also low cost, even better!

You have already decorated the Christmas tree? It is a tradition of Nordic origin now spread throughout the world, which in many Italian homes has supplanted the crib or accompanies it. It is a wonderful Christmas sign, especially if we are fortunate to be able to decorate a real tree.

In any case, it is not obvious to get a good result, to decorate the fir tree, real or synthetic that is, it takes aesthetic sense, good taste, craftsmanship. And money … or maybe not. So, to save on the wallet but the final effect (which must be absolutely breathtaking) here are 5 ideas to as many decorations to hang on the low cost, environmentally friendly and DIY

Here are 5 Tips for Christmas Tree DIY Decorations Simple and Creative…

Decorated Cookie

Christmas cookie tins (stars, trees, Santas, etc

If you dug into the kitchen and you are a good baker, use this gift for your decorations to create “sweet” to the Christmas tree. Get the classic Christmas cookie tins (stars, trees, Santas, etc.) and use them to make so many cookies classics, or maybe ginger shortbread with white icing. You just need to remember to drill a small hole at the top in which to pass the string to hang the cookies from the branches. Of course, these decorations will not arrive for Christmas next…

Garlands of Popcorn

Christmas decorations for the tree garlands of popcorn

Here’s another suggestion for a really easy Christmas decorations for the tree garlands of popcorn. You just have to prepare a lot ‘of popcorn and put in, as if they were beads, in a wire using a needle to help you. For a more colorful and Christmas you can post an occasional berry cranberry. You will see that these simple decorations will look great on the green branches!

Paper Stars

Christmas tree Paper Stars

With white or colored paper, cardboard, paperboard, newsprint, tissue paper, crepe paper or wrapping paper (and so on, and so forth) we can produce beautiful starlets to hang on our Christmas tree. All we can do simple and small, for example if we use foil or gilt to shine among the green branches or large and if we are good with the three-dimensional origami. A decoration is reliable but very simple…

Decorative Pine Cones

Christmas Decorative Pine Cones

It ‘a true classic of the decorations for the Christmas tree, eco-friendly and very effective. They are simple, humble pine cones, which are beautiful just hanging from the branches with a string without any embellishment. For Christmas we make them more open setting them above a heat source or by the fireplace, sprinkle gold or silver paint and hang with a red ribbon.

Doves Felt

Christmas Doves Felt

If you love a poor material such as felt, why not use one piece of white doves to hang on to achieve our fir? They are very easy to do, there are enough scissors, glue or needle and thread, and a black bead to make the eye. Draw the pattern on the paper, then use it to derive the dove from the felt and hang with wire on the little head …

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