DIY Christmas Trees Original Ideas for 2020 Christmas Decoration


Imaginative DIY Christmas trees craft idea

We show you 25+ innovative DIY Christmas tree craft ideas that look super charming even in a small space!

The splendidly decorated Christmas tree creates a festive atmosphere and a contemplative atmosphere, which makes the festive days cozy and cheerful.

However, some of us are not so lucky to live in a landscape where there are plenty of Christmas trees to buy.

We show you the most beautiful DIY Christmas tree craft ideas which you can design with your personal taste and with individual materials, balls, colors, and decorations. With these ideas, Christmas will surely be unforgettable!

DIY Christmas trees even the low-traditionalist, which at the very idea of putting her hand to the nativity scene figures would be seized by anxiety happen to want to somehow express the Christmas spirit, and that way, usually, it involves the construction of the DIY tree Christmas.

DIY Christmas Trees

Original Ideas for DIY Christmas Trees

The positive note of the realization of the Christmas tree is that it offers much more space to fantasy and imagination than the crib.

If traditionally, the Christmas tree is always a converted fir, today tends to favor the synthetic trees that are certainly less fascinating and romantic but which are still an ecological choice if we do not have space where to relocate planted our fir, once finished the festivities.

These two options “base” still remains a great variety of forms. Our tree until it flows into artistic creations purely conceptual.

there are trees three-dimensional as well as two-dimensional, structures adhering to the wall that may be adopted also in cases where the narrowness of the environment does not allow to realize a traditional tree.

01. DIY Christmas tree craft ideas – Space saving Christmas tree

With this Christmas tree, you can save a lot of space and yet the green pine branches and the sweet decoration are super festive!

The metal bucket in the middle, on the one hand, symbolizes the trunk of the tree, on the other hand, it serves as a storage for the Christmas gifts. Even if you’re not a crafting professional, you’ll get that tree safely with less than 8 steps!

02. Christmas Tree From Reused Glass Bottles

If you collect all the empty glass bottles that will be empty during a family reunion, you can make this great Christmas tree. Do not throw the empty bottles away because you can reuse them as decoration!

Although the tree has nothing to do with nature, you still reach a Christmas mood with the lights and the green bottles, and you do something for the environment!

03. DIY Christmas Tree Craft Ideas – Mobile Christmas Tree

This fancy Christmas tree consists of Christmas balls and can be hanging anywhere. It not only saves you space but also looks incredibly elegant, also the tree (from a certain height) is pet safe!

Use simple glass ball for a modern look, or give the Christmas tree with different shades of green a traditional charm! Let your creativity run wild and score points this year with this original Christmas tree!

4. Christmas Tree Made From Newspaper

This made of newspaper Christmas tree is so adorable…

With this idea, you combine recycling with your creative vein and charm with a beautiful star on the top and tastefully wrapped gifts under the tree, a beautiful eye-catcher for Christmas.

5. DIY Christmas tree crafting ideas – Rosy Christmas tree made of paper

With many roses, this luxurious Christmas tree is super easy to tinker. the most beautiful roses Christmas tree in your garden!

Creating the individual roses and finally gluing them on may be a bit time to consume, but it will definitely be worth it!

06. Christmas Tree For Book LoversDiy Christmas Trees Pinterest

Are you an absolute book lover?

Would you like to conjure your favorite treasures from the library to the Christmas tree? With this simple idea, you turn your book collection into the most unusual Christmas tree of all time! It books of different sizes in the form of a fir stacked.

Finally, a string of lights is attached and finished your book tree!

07. DIY Christmas tree craft ideas – Christmas tree from a palette 

Woodies Diy Christmas Trees

This Christmas tree is one of the most beautiful among the DIY Christmas tree crafting ideas, although it can be made from an old wooden pallet.

The best part of the idea is that you do not have to do any complicated steps like cutting, hammering or sawing to make the tree.

All you need is a wooden pallet, a small tree trunk and Christmas decorations. Easy as a snap, right?

Find more Christmas decoration ideas with palettes here: Christmas decoration with wooden pallets

08. Colorful Christmas Tree Made Of Honeycomb Balls

Could a Christmas tree be more colorful than this colorful fir tree of honeycomb balls? With this idea, you will certainly bring a good mood into the Christmas season!

The balls are simply taped to the wall. It’s that easy! This Christmas tree is ideal if you are looking for an unusual decoration for the nursery!

09. DIY Christmas Trees Craft Idea – Ladder Christmas Tree

Even the title sounds exciting, right? Can you make a Christmas tree out of a ladder? This great idea proves a lot!

Both sides of the ladder are wrapped in candles and fairy lights, while in the middle there are beautiful Christmas ornaments. With snowflakes, glamorous Christmas balls you give the great tree a charming, rustic look! Of course, the gifts can be placed under the ladder!

10. Rustic Christmas Tree

Rustic details are very atmospheric, especially at Christmas. So, if you have an old wooden pallet in the corner of your garage, this idea will show you how to make a stunningly beautiful Christmas tree out of it.

Of course, the tree looks wonderful in itself, but you can beautify it with Christmas decorations!

11. DIY Christmas tree craft ideas – Christmas Tree On A Chalk Board

With this project, your imagination knows no bounds. Even the shape of the tree can be designed individually.

The minimum effort is guaranteed for the great result guaranteed! The best thing is, no matter what occasion you want to use the decoration; you can simply wipe the chalk with water and bring a new idea on the blackboard.

12. DIY Christmas Tree From Pallets

This absolutely unusual Christmas tree not only looks super nice but also serves to creatively use the old wooden pallets as decoration. The rustic tree with its rustic charm is a true competition for expensive Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

In this project, the wooden boards are sprayed with different colors and finally attached to an oblong board.

13. Ice-Stick Christmas Tree

Ice chopsticks are the absolute favorite when it comes to home-made home accessories. They can be used very versatile and in that sense, they can, of course, for Christmas, beautiful Christmas trees represent.

For this, you need as many ice sticks, how many you can get, and for the form either polystyrene or cardboard.

Finally, you can decorate the Christmas tree with ice cream sticks to your own personal taste.

14. DIY Christmas Tree Craft Ideas – Garland Tree

Garland Christmas Tree

Would you have thought that you can conjure your garlands to the Christmas tree?

Certainly not, with this idea you have several advantages! The gifts can be placed inside the tree and you save space, also this Christmas tree looks simply sensational!

15. Feather Christmas Tree

 Feather Christmas Tree

This amazingly beautiful DIY Christmas tree has it all! In addition, it can be mega made easy, which also provides a lot of fun. The elegant white feathers are reminiscent of shiny, fresh snow and also spread a warm, cuddly atmosphere.

To make the feather tree even more beautiful, you can stick small rhinestones to the tips of the feathers. Does not it look adorable?

16. Rustic Fir-Trees Made Of Felt

Rustic Fir-Trees Made Of Felt

This elegant, chic fir-tree made of felt can be made in a few easy steps and is one of the most unique Christmas tree decorations of all time.

The tree costs you almost nothing! All you need is wood, felt and glue.

17. Wooden Christmas Tree With Balls

Wooden Christmas Tree With Balls

Are you looking for a modern, stylish decor that could even replace a real Christmas tree?

If you miss the space for a big fir, this gem is perfect for you! Of course, you can make it in any size and decorate it with Christmas balls that suit your personal taste.

Put the deco in the window, on the table or mount it on the wall. A stylish look and a Christmas mood are guaranteed with this idea!

18. DIY Christmas Tree Craft Ideas – Christmas Tree Made Of Shells

Christmas Tree Made Of Shells

Something else? Seashells are not only fashionable in the summer, yes, they can also be used for Christmas decoration.

For this project, you will need a fir-tree styrofoam form or a cardboard to which you can attach the shells with hot glue. Does not it look nice? Hereby you have a great eye-catcher, in maritime-Christmas design!

DIY Christmas trees With PVC Pipe

19. PVC Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas trees With PVC Pipe

Do not you have space for a fir tree?

No problem, this beautiful Christmas tree you can just hang on the wall. At the idea, small, medium and large PVC tubes are sprayed with paint and glued to a wooden board.

Finally, the tubes can be spiced up with Christmas decorations. This exciting design will surely impress everyone!

20. DIY Christmas Tree Craft Ideas – Christmas Tree Made Of Burlap

Christmas Tree Made Of Burlap

Burlap looks rustic with its coarse texture and gives the simplest decorations a natural look. Also this Christmas tree you can easily manage and thereby give your apartment a charming, rustic style.

21. Tulle Christmas Tree

Tulle Christmas Tree

Everyone has to try out this ingenious idea! A white tulle Christmas tree just looks so beautiful that all your guests will be speechless at Christmas.

Simply snow-white tulle is wrapped around a wooden stick and fastened with a rubber band. You do not even need Christmas tree decoration, because this tree looks magical in itself!

22. Spiral Noodle Christmas TreeSpiral Noodle Christmas Tree

There must surely look twice every time, from which only this golden Christmas tree was made!?

The solution is spiral noodles! The noodles are simply sprinkled with gold spray (possibly with glitter spray) and glued to a pine tree.

You can decorate the super-beautiful Christmas tree with shiny pearls. Done is your individual Christmas tree!

23. Christmas Tree From Flower Pots

Christmas Tree From Flower Pots

24. Pinecone Christmas Tree

Pine cones must not be missing from the Christmas decoration! You can tinker with them Christmas decorations, but also a Christmas tree.

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Moreover, they are very easy to get. During a walk, you can easily collect them and decorate them individually at home as decoration!

Unused flower pots can be very helpful for the Christmas decoration because with a little imagination you can tinker with these pretty little Christmas trees.

You just need to spray them green or paint them and provide some accessories. Already you have sweet little pieces!

25. Clothes Hanger Christmas Tree

Clothes Hanger Christmas Tree

Metal hangers can be bent as you like. In this case, they are bent to the chic Christmas tree.

You just need to glue them together in the middle so they do not fall apart and tie a shiny Christmas garland around them. You can now creatively decorate the pretty tree.

26. DIY Christmas tree craft ideas – Christmas tree made of tree branches

Do you like to decorate your home in a natural and rustic way? Then this tree is perfect for you! Tree branches of different sizes are simply mounted on the wall and decorated for Christmas.

Woodies Diy Christmas Trees For Christmas Decoration
Woodies Diy Christmas Trees For Christmas Decoration

A beautiful string of lights and white deco create an atmospheric, festive look. Sure, these DIY Christmas tree crafting ideas will all be fun!

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DIY Christmas Trees In The Gallery Below

Woodies Diy Christmas Trees
Woodies Diy Christmas Trees

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