DIY Easter Baskets To Decorate Or To Give To Close Friends


DIY Easter baskets suggestions it is shortly to Easter this year. In a few days it will be Easter, but in the meantime we have to organize the house, decorate it as you have to prepare and also souvenirs for relatives and close friends. Among the thoughts easier to realize there are DIY Easter baskets.

These days there are proposing many. We showed you how to create some nice animals Easter using rolls of paper, how to color eggs and several solutions for our home, to create a warm and welcoming to all.

DIY Easter baskets

Now it’s time to see how they made DIY Easter baskets. I chose a few simple ideas to make but definitely effect.

Wicker Baskets

Usually, if you have in the house of wicker baskets, pull out those and we placed inside the eggs, the eggs and chocolate bunnies or chicks feathers that are found everywhere. This time, with those wicker baskets realizzateci something, something new and delicious; basically just very little!

Let’s start with the things that you have in the house. Usually you always retain the satin ribbons, of organza or shiny fabrics and precious as silk. Maybe you have lace or otherwise any piece of fabric that I can give you some ideas for decorating your wicker baskets.

Easiest way to decorate an old Wicker Baskets with hot glue the ribbon end

The easiest way to decorate an old wicker basket is to wrap around a satin ribbon, which will close with a bow. The color of course you choose you.

With the tape you can also decorate the handle. Simply attach with hot glue the ribbon end of the handle and start to twist it until the end. When finished, lock the tape with the usual hot glue.

The same is true if you have the fabric as the macramé lace white. With this piece of cloth you can wrap the basket and block the closure of hot glue.

Jars With Cardboard And Crepe Paper

Home advances often the crepe paper. With this, any color too, you can wrap your basket. If you do not have a wicker basket, you can achieve it with the cardboard. Take the cardboard, cut it for long, wrap it like a cylinder and close it with the stapler. Now create the base and secure with hot glue. Now take the crepe paper and wrap it around your basket cardboard. Bother to decorate with crepe paper the inside (or at least the inner outer), and voila, the basket is ready!

DIY Easter Baskets Ideas and Advice

Terracotta Vases

Beautiful terracotta Easter baskets even the wallpaper

Do you have jars of clay but do not know what to do? Just a little ‘imagination and realize the beautiful terracotta Easter baskets. Whatever the size of the clay pot, will be fine. With the paper, even the wallpaper, wrapping these jars and decorated with the same card can create handles of the same pattern, color or contrast.

Obviously inserted inside of colored eggs, maybe you have made with our advice 😉

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