DIY Halloween Nails – 6 Simple Instructions For Motifs And Patterns


If a particular occasion or a festival close, one would like to get into the best mood with the help of the environment. In his home, decorations are used for this purpose. But even in oneself, you can do something to honor a certain festival.

That would be a matching Halloween Nail design. And since the popular Halloween is approaching, we have put together some unique ideas for this occasion. Learn about how to make attractive and easy Halloween nails you to get a glimpse. Even beginners will have no problems implementing ideas.


7. Halloween Nails With Cat Motif

The black cat is a typical symbol of Halloween, as it is said to bring misfortune. This makes them perfect as a motif of course. And although the drawing of a cat seems difficult at first, there are easy ways to look like this in this Halloween nail tutorial. You need a skin-colored or another color varnish as a background, as well as a black and a white nail polish, which is used for the eyes. Yellow or green are also suitable.

First, apply the base coat. If this is dried, the two ears are placed on the nail tips. Then fill the area between them with a semicircle to shape the head. This lacquer should also be left to dry well. Then draw the eyes along with pupils and your black cat is ready for Halloween nails.

Halloween Nail Styling Fingernails Self  Making


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