DNA Braids Are The Perfect Festival Hairstyle For Individualists


DNA Braids: These braids are the hair trend of the summer! A new hair trend conquers the Internet – this summer you wear DNA Braids Hairstyle! What’s up with the braids?

Each clique has this one person who has been blessed with nimble fingers and is considered the ultimate braiding expert in the rest of the hair. Especially for the summer festival season, all kinds of braids are very much in vogue – that can make lame fingers!

After the classics such as the French and Fishtail braids, this year the so-called DNA braids that are currently on Instagram are to be learned.

The new hair art pieces are also called helix braids because of their double and twisted structure. At first glance, the braids look extremely complicated, but with the help of some tutorials, hair artists should be able to imitate them.

DNA braids: platinum silkening gloss to smooth out hair before braiding…

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