Donna Karan spring-summer dresses Over the seasons, Donna Karan has chosen to express a classic femininity facing the trail of the young designer’s eager to contemporary urbanism. The Donna Karan spring-summer dresses is an open window on modernity, however, Chaotic chic is the word that comes to mind at the sight of the Donna Karan spring-summer dresses collection presented this September 8, at fashion week in New York.

Known for her very feminine silhouettes rooted in the elegance allows fantasy to face the New York spirit embodied by Prabal Gurung, Alexander Wang or 3.1 Phillip Lim. This manifests itself in the lawless printed abstract that applies to delicate dresses, skirts, bent at the waist.Donna Karan ready to wear pencil skirts flared or Draped dresses, pants and high waisted, cocktail dresses colorful shirts, skirts long sleeves urban sirens and Hats

Donna Karan Spring-Summer Dresses With Classic Femininity Collection

However, the designer is lost in its printed mixes, volumes, and unexpected accessories. Indeed, many seem worlds mingle without mixing and collection lacks binder. At first, Donna Karan decides to add her abstract prints on classic silhouettes of aesthetics. One can find them mainly on pencil skirts or flare bent at the waist.

In these silhouettes, audacity is in print but especially at the top of the figure consists of blouses and cropped jackets bulky. These reasonable silhouettes are not contradicted by all other draped dresses and cocktail dresses colorful shirts. Just as in 3.1 Phillip Lim earlier in the day, the madness is rapidly gaining the podium Donna Karan spring-summer dresses, through prints that take over but not that.

The proportions are moving in excess. Skirts long sleeves flare after turning mannequin’s urban sirens. Hats, meanwhile, were always higher grazing the sky. It may also raise one hand to let go of women Donna Karan so serious. As to press, it rolls up the sleeves of her shirt, tied her belt hastily. Asymmetrical clothes reflect desire lightness.

Donna Karan Spring-Summer 2018 sees, however, scroll silhouettes that remind us of the origins of the New York house. Draped dresses slit, pants and high waisted pencil skirts with plain colors act reassuring elements and say that Donna Karan has not totally lost its way. If one can judge this hazardous collection, similar to a mixture of the bottom of the barrel of the latest trends, it reflects a renewed vitality at Donna Karan.

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