How to Choose Dresses For Flower Girls on Wedding Day


Preparing dresses for flower girls on perfect wedding day is a truly demanding task, and even with meticulous care and attention, there’s always something that can go wrong, especially if there are children attending the ceremony or participating in it. If you want your wedding to go by seamlessly, you should show special consideration for your flower girls: your little companions on the walk down the isle need much more than just a pretty dress and a pat on the head to help make your wedding day the best one n your lifetime.

A Lovely Little Lady: Dresses

Dresses For Flower Girls

Even though the clothes don’t make the man, flower girl gowns sure do make a significant aspect of a brilliantly organized wedding ceremony. For the loveliest little lady walking down the isle, you should contact a professional seamstress and order the gown of the right size, style and materials. Though somewhat more expensive than the ready-made dresses, tailor-made flower girl gowns are a better choice as they’ll be sewn to fit from the fabrics your girl loves to wear, thus preventing potential tripping, tugging and accidents caused by uncomfy materials.

Addicted to Shoes From Childhood: Flower Girl Footwear

A frequently overlooked part of a flower girl’s appearance, shoes do matter when walking down the isle. When buying wedding footwear for your little one to wear at a wedding ceremony, make sure you go shopping at least a month in advance as this will give the flower girl enough time to break them in by wearing them a few hours at home every week. Remember – with footwear, the same rule applies as with the clothes: it’s better for the child’s shoes to feel comfy and good to wear than to look beautiful and classy.

Flower Girl Tootwear with Dress and Flower

A Basket Of Joy: Flower Girl Baskets In All Shapes And Colors

Another important item on the flower girl prep list, flower baskets need to be carefully picked to achieve the best possible visual effect. When ordering flower girl baskets, make sure you don’t overdo the style, size and colors. Instead of opting for too bright or too generous size-wise, try and keep the flower basket contents vivid yet tasteful and its volume in adequate proportion with regard to your child’s age and strength. After all, you don’t want the child to wind up lugging around a hefty basket of garishly colored blossoms and moaning all through the ceremony, do you?

Flower Girl Baskets In All Shapes And Colors Jewelry, Fashion Accessories And Makeup

Glitz, Glam And All The Things Nice: Jewelry, Fashion Accessories And Makeup

If you’ve chosen the dress, footwear and flower baskets carefully, your girl will need just a few extras to keep her style as sophisticated and as ladylike as it gets. If possible, avoid applying heavy makeup to the child’s sensitive skin and instead opt for a light lip gloss and cute jewelry like flowery-patterned bracelets, simple pearl earrings and refined chain let necklaces.

Minimalism is always in, after all, and it will certainly make a better impression than an overstatement.

The Importance of Rehearsal: Practice Makes Everything Perfect

To make sure nothing awkward happens during the ceremony, you are strongly advised to rehearse the role with your flower girls for weeks before the wedding. Practice makes perfect, especially when preparing for a major event where every little thing matters. In addition to ensuring your peace of mind on the big day, pre-wedding rehearsals will help you and your flower girls spend some quality time together – and for children, attention and consideration are always a welcome treat that will show them they are regarded as equals in serious matters such as church ceremonies.

So, are you ready to turn your little ones into the best and loveliest flower girls in the world?

Communicate with your flower girls all the way through the preparations and include them in the process – they will return every second of your attention with appreciation and commitment to making the matrimonial ceremony the best day of your life.

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