Dry Skin Care! 10 Advice To Relieve Your Dry Skin


Dry skin lacks oil and moisture. With suitable, daily skincare, the fat and moisture content optimized.

Dry skin is also Sensitive

Due to the lack of oil and moisture, dry skin loses its elasticity and forms fine lines and wrinkles more quickly. Those affected often complain of a feeling of tension and itching. Very dry skin also shows slight redness and cracks.

How to get rid of dry skin on face and Cleanse Your Face

It reacts sensitively and irritably to external influences and is also prone to inflammation. The medical condition of dry skin characterized by reduced sebum activity and reduced water-binding capacity as well as a disturbed structure of the horny layer.

The skin barrier needs to be daily strength

In order to be able to treat our largest organ properly, it makes sense to look at the structure and structure of the skin. The subcutaneous tissue with fatty tissue and blood vessels represents the deepest or innermost layer.

Above this lies the dermis with connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, and muscle cells. The epidermis consists of a lower basal layer and the horny layer. The overlying water-fat film, which called the protective acid mantle, together with forms the skin barrier.

It protects against environmental influences and stabilizes the skin’s moisture balance. If this protective shield destroyed, the skin loses moisture, visibly dries out, and becomes more sensitive to external factors.

Oily and dehydrated skin needs special care products

Skin creams are based on a mixture of fat and water. The distribution of fat and water is decisive for the respective skin type. Auxiliaries that combine water and fat to form an emulsion are emulsifiers or surfactants.

benefit of having its own oily skin

Dry skin is happy about emulsions with a high-fat content because they leave a light film of fat on the skin and reduce the release of the skin’s own moisture. The fat also protects the horny layer and makes it smoother again.

Cleansing products for dry skin should get the acidic protective coat

Only products that do not damage the skin barrier or the protective acid mantle are suitable for cleaning dry skin. In any case, moisturizing agents should be included. What is important here is the so-called pH value.

The protective acid mantle of healthy skin has a pH value between 4 and 6.5. Below 7 the pH value considered acidic, above 7 it is the basic or alkaline range. Water has a neutral value of pH 7.

Two Types Of Natural Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin

It is thus above the pH value of the protective acid mantle, which explains that the skin can feel drier after washing with water and should be re-greased. Conventional soaps have a pH value between 8 and 11 and are therefore unsuitable.

Intensive care with micro silver preparations

Micro silver was already used in pre-Christian epochs to reduce a possible germ load. Dry and irritated skin in particular, with its tendency to eczema and inflammation, benefits from micro silver combination preparations with, for example, fats and vitamins.

The SOS MicroSilver-Creme also contains panthenol, the stable form of the B vitamin pantothenic acid, to promote skin renewal. Fats keep the skin supple and protect against dehydration. Soybean oil has a soothing effect on the skin, and glycerin provides skin moisture.

A dermatologist will give you 10 advice to prevent and relieve dry skin

Dry Skin Care! 10 Advice To Relieve Your Dry Skin

For many people the cool days of fall are not only synonymous with rosy cheeks but also uncomfortable dryness.

The problem is worse for certain their skin becomes so dry that it peels and crevice and even lead to eczema and irritation.

“As soon as the heater inside the skin begins to dehydrate. Many people find they have to adapt their program of skin care in the season what is no longer suitable in summer at the approach of autumn and winter. ‘

When the humidity down in the home the skin begins to lose its moisture causing dryness and itching, To maintain healthy skin it is essential to modify its program of skin care to counter the change in humidity.

10 tips to prevent and relieve dry skin.

1. Soak Your Skin Moisturizers

Using a moisturizing non irritating and hypoallergenic formula such as acting as the lipid barrier cream IMPRŪV can have significant effects on the skin. This treatment works differently than regular moisturizers. In addition to reducing water loss it helps to restructure the skin and soothe the burning and itching.

2. Avoid Showers And Hot Baths

Take a warm bath is nice in cold weather but the intense heat of the shower or bath actually breaks the lipid barriers in the skin which leads to dehydration.

3. Avoid Using Heavily Scented Soaps

It is best to use products without perfume detergents and have a neutral pH to clean the skin.

4. Plug The Humidifier

To prevent the skin from drying dampen home with a humidifier.

5. Choose Good Skin Tissue

Natural fibers such as cotton and silk are very pleasant and allow the skin to breathe.

6. Avoid Laundry Detergents And Fabric Softeners Scented

Use laundry detergent non perfumed not irritate the skin and avoid fabric softeners.

7. Moisturize Your Skin

Drinking water provides a youthful skin and improves overall health.

8. Wrap Up Warm

Whenever possible avoid exposing your skin to weather and high winds the main cause of dry skin problems.

9. Protect Your Hands

People who have dry skin often have chapped hands and irritated. Wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with hot water and detergents. Wear cotton gloves under them is also recommended, especially for those who are prone to allergies to latex.

10. Get Medical Treatment

If your skin problem does not improve or worsens it is important to consult your doctor to find a treatment.

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