Duvet Cover – You like to change the bed sheets often. It’s great to sleep between clean scented sheets. put on a duvet cover on your own without getting tired. It almost seems unreal, right? It’s really very annoying, especially when it comes to a double duvet. Do not worry. Everything has a solution when using tested tips. Above, we’ll show you some easy ways to do it, just like hotel maids do.

It would only take you less than two minutes and even less if you take advantage of our tips

how to put on a duvet cover without getting tired black white chambermaid

How to put on a duvet cover without getting tired?

you should follow what will be useful to you:

Above all, you must not rush to do the job. First, follow the instructions slowly and carefully. In time, you will perfect yourself at the speed with which the chambermaids do it in a hotel.

Try several ways to do this to see which works for you.

Some tips include choosing lingerie made of natural materials and ironing it, including the duvet! It’s true that it’s better, but if you don’t have the time to do it, it’s not a serious problem. It’s up to you to choose, but it’s not at all mandatory.

Technique comes with experience

Put On A Duvet Cover By Yourself Without Getting Tired

How to put on a duvet cover?

The “book” option

This is the easiest option, but when you have old cover models (with a square or diamond in the center). Fold the long side of the quilt in half, then in quarters. Once folded, it’s easy to slip it through the hole in the cover.

Distribute the quilt inside widthwise and lengthwise, placing the respective corners against each other. Grasp the vertical ends and shake them, as well as the horizontal ends. It’s harder to push the open duvet into the cover through the narrow cutout

When folded, it fits easily

Put Duvet Cover Folding Chambermaid Folds A Over

Clothes Pegs

It is a very effective and fast method that you will definitely like. You just need to find the right place to pinch it. Spread your cover over the bed. Insert the corners of the comforter to coincide with those of the cover. Hold them with the pliers. Shake out both — the cover and the duvet. If it is not possible for you to maintain them, you can pinch them on your drying rack.

Here’s how to put on a duvet cover in 10 seconds

How To Put On A Duvet Cover In 10 Seconds

The duvet threader is specially created to mount your cover

How To Put On A With Fireplace

Banana (roll)

Spread the duvet on your bed. Place the swell on it. Wrap the duvet in the swell, may be careful! Your “banana” must roll evenly on both sides and be tight. Pull the cutout from the top of the roll and unroll it. Now you have your owl dressed up. It’s so simple and effective when you get better at doing it over time.

All this only lasts a minute

Put On A Alone Without Getting Tired Woman In Stripes Does It In A Banana


This type of cover is different from the other models, as it has a maximum opening of 40 cm. This seems to be the most common. If this is the case for you, lay your cover flat on a bed. Insert the duvet to join the upper corner of the cover. Do the same with the second corner. Place the lower part of the comforter inside the cover.

Join the respective corners of the cover and duvet

Put a Folding Duvet Cover

Reverse threading

Put your cover inside out. Reach your hands inside and grab the two corners at head level. Lay the duvet and cover on the bed. Now grasp both ends of the head and wave your arms around until the duvet is “dressed”. Adjust the remaining two corners and shake vigorously. That’s it. It’s done in less than a minute. This method is reserved for taller people, especially when the duvet and cover are the largest size.

Leave the duvet in place and remove it

Trick To Put A Duvet Cover Quickly Scheme In A Bottle

The folding

If you follow the folding technique, spread the cover on the bed and fold the top corner to the bottom corner. Fold the cover again and fold the duvet in 2. Insert the duvet folded in four into the cover also folded in four. Shake vigorously to integrate them together. Place the duvet “dressed” and perfectly threaded on the sheet. The maids really do it without getting tired.

This technique is only reserved for professionals

How To Quickly Put On A SHEET

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