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The ear cuffs are back in fashion or perhaps I should say that I have never ceased to be a trend. Here are all the details on the models and the coolest look with which match them.

Of every style and size, the ear cuff are now must have for celebrities and fashionistas who love the earrings or, more generally, want to wear a particular costume jewelry that does not go unnoticed. For those who still do not know them are the ear cuff jewelry that should be placed on the ear, one obviously because the look would be excessive and not very distinctive, and is not necessarily required to have pierced ears to be able to show off.

Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff Jewelry Designs

The simplest models, such as the leaf ear cuff that open the gallery, they can also be worn in the office, at school, at university, why not go unnoticed but are not too excessive.

Others have a very particular style, from the fantasy fanatic, and seem to play elf pointy ears, wings of a butterfly or a dragon coiled around the ear, a little ‘style Game of Thrones.

Very funny the earr cuff-shaped crown Aloro, a habit to show off on the day of graduation, or ill Modeo that reproduces a row of small earrings to the earlobe. There are more basic models ancche and saucy as those with your name, easily found in jewelry.

But where do you buy the ear cuff? Especially for the models more specific advice pè to look on the internet at sites like Etsy, eBay and Asos, all getting pretty forniiti, or take a look periodically at Zara and H & M.

The ear cuff were seen on the catwalk and are a must have for many celebrities such as supermodel Dear Delevingne and actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Kate Bosworth; in the market there are very different types – just look at the photo gallery – for any type of occasion.

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