What Earrings According To Her Hairstyle? Earrings Available In All Shapes


The earrings, an essential accessory in our jewelry box. What we love is that they easily dress our face and sublimate our look. To choose hairstyles, we decided to highlight them according to our hair.

Become an essential in our dressing room, the earrings are available in all shapes, all colors, and all styles.


A blessing if, like us, you love to collect to be able to change daily.

According to Marilyn and Alexia, for wearing earrings, is better than a certain harmony. “The most important is to choose her earrings depending on the shape of her face. The rest is mostly a matter of taste “explain both personal stylists.

Adjust the shape of her earrings in her hair, is all a matter of style.

Then, with a bun or a plunging square rather discrete chips, or large hoop ear cuffs?

For example, if you wear bangs, you must bring roundness and softness to your face. You will have to avoid rectangular or triangular BO, which will give you a too strict air.

To choose your earrings according to your hairstyle, follow the guide!


3. For Short Hair Or Hair Tied


The short haircuts or hair tied necessarily release the neck and ears. With this type of hair, the earrings are visible and become an essential element to your look.


”  To feminize her outfit, have fun with volume, color or length,” said Marilyn and Alexia. Opt for long forms, flared, wide, pendulous or round with beautiful Creole.

You can dare models with feathers, fringe, charms… Go ahead, it’s EC detail glamourize your hair trend.


Earrings Caroline Najman Ear Cuff For Short Hair Or Hair Tied
Earrings Caroline Najman, € 89

Big fashion trend of recent seasons, the ear cuff is also ideal to dress the face.


Discreet but also very flashy time, it adapts to all styles. Wear it on one ear and choose a wiser chip on the other side for a staggering pace.

And for those who prefer to remain discreet, the below lobes are a nice alternative. They elegantly brighten the face while remaining sober.

Ear Cuff H & M, 6.99 €

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