Earrings-Guide: Knowledge About Plugs, Creoles & Co.

Earrings in various designs are among the favorite accessories of many women. But what kinds of earrings are there at all? What are Creoles? And what should be done when piercing the ear holes?

Useful information about the popular ear jewelry can be found here.

The versatile world of earrings

Already in ancient cultures and ancient Egypt, the women decorated their ears with glass, gemstones, pearls, bones or metal. As was the case today, everything from small plugs and rings to large hinges. In general, the following types of earrings are distinguished:

  • Creoles: These are actual rings, which are inserted through the ear hole. These are available in various sizes and colors.
  • Earrings: Here, chic jewelry is hanged through the ear hole by means of a strap or securing pin. Especially chandeliers are currently in full swing.
  • Earrings: Small beads or motifs are attached to the ear by means of a pin. This variant is small and unobtrusive.
  • Clips: This option can also be worn by women without ear holes. The jewelry is clamped with a kind of clamp on the ear.

Let the ear pierce properly

If you want to adorn your ears, let a pair of ear holes pierce. In this case, however, it is not advisable to take a self-experiment. The holes should always be picked by the professional to avoid contamination and inflammation. As a rule, piercing is carried out with a special pistol at the jeweler, but sterile disposable needles are also used in piercing studios. It is recommended to use a titanium first plug to prevent an unpleasant nickel allergy.

This must then remain in the hole for about six weeks so that the skin can completely heal. To avoid irritation by foreign material, you should then invest in high-quality earrings made of genuine silver or gold,

Strikingly colorful or elegant restraint – the right styling for every ear jewelry

Earrings can be combined to any outfit and clothing style. So small and unobtrusive plugs always fit. If you are particularly fashion conscious, the earrings and outfit, as well as the remaining jewelry, match each other. For this purpose, shapes, colors or characteristic materials can easily be taken up. To a maritime summer outfit, small ear plugs in the form of an anchor make excellent.

Simple dresses or tops can be spiced up with statement earrings or large creoles. The matching hairstyle can help to highlight the respective ear jewelry. Often it is enough to take the hair a little back, so the creoles do not disappear. But also a strict horse tailor or Dutt, as well as loose Updos, bring the jewelry perfectly to the advantage.

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