DIY Easter Decorations Ideas and Tips for Decorating Your Home


Easter decorations ideas in different tips and tricks to decorate your home in Easter theme

Filed Christmas is the time to think about Easter. There already were you thinking? Some are ready; others have decorations set aside, but how about something new, homemade, for this new Easter?

I will reveal a few tricks and some ideas to decorate in an alternative way, colorful and sparkling your little house in the Easter theme. Are you ready? 😉

Easter Decorations Ideas

Today I want to tell you about some DIY Easter decorations ideas for Easter. There will describe some, all different. Some can achieve them with the help of your children. Later also deepen some topics such as decorations of eggs and how to make the centerpiece cute and delicious.

Decorations With Eggs

DIY Easter decorations ideas about eggs, let’s start with just these. Did you know that you can do with eggs many pretty little things? In the first image to the left to see the egg containing the flowers. What you need to realize this decoration? Nothing but the egg, eggs, flowers, of paint and a brush and a little ‘patience. The process is simple. Break the eggs on top, empty and wash the shell for good. With a brush evenly colored eggs with the color you want. Let dry.

Place the shell in egg cups, fill the shell with a little ‘of water at room temperature. Strung cutouts of flowers that you like and place the egg where you want.

The same can also be done to decorate the center of the board. Not necessarily have to serve the broken eggshells and clean. There are enough even the egg inside which you can enter, as said before, cutouts of flowers.

Candle the eggs are easy to make. As usual, take the eggs, break, emptied and cleaned thoroughly. With a little ‘wax, you will do first heat, and a bit’ of food coloring to make it delicious your eggs candle, and a wick, you’re done.

Easter Decorations Ideas Yourself With Paper

Carine the carrots of paper, do not you? You need the crepe paper orange, yellow and green to make the carrots Easter. Simply wrap the orange paper and give an elongated slightly pointed towards the end. With a green card cut tufts with the hot glue to attach the tufts on top.

Easter Decorations Ideas

How about realizing the daffodils of paper? They are perfect placeholder! Cut flowers on a few sheets of paper. Always choose cards that have bright colors such as yellow and orange. Take also the cups, the ones to make the cakes, and candy colored loose or confetti (like those in the photo). Cut flowers placed on the cups, fill them with candies and you’re done.

DIY Easter decorations ideas at home

Easter Decorations Ideas With Animals

Finally we speak of Easter decorations with animals. If you are the tubes cooks of cakes you can make cookies in the shape of rabbit and place them in a transparent vase to be placed in a cabinet or in the middle of the table. The effect of Easter and sought is assured.

Easter Decorations Ideas With Animals

Again with the help of the eggs you can instead create decorations that recreate the roosters and chicks to be placed around the house. Power colored eggs and apply with glue, colored pieces like beak and crest, or you can create with this decoration of crepe paper.

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