Easter Egg Shaped Kitchen How To Decorate In a Practical


Easter Egg Shaped Kitchen! Do you know how to decorate in a practical and functional your kitchen with a detail of Easter? We explain how to create a hanger and pot holders, and not only, egg-shaped

L ‘ egg is a symbol of Easter so why not use this figure to create a decoration home made ? Surely, in these days, you are thinking about a thousand and one ways to decorate your home at Easter theme. Will be skipped out hens, chicks and bunnies but probably are thinking even something functional. In this article we want to tell you a tutorial, a simple and effective way to create a hanger kitchen egg-shaped. Let’s see what you need: tablet plywood hacksaw sandpaper acrylic colors white and orange / yellow medium brush glue strong hooks for hanger’s hooks paintings screws and hammer

Easter Egg Shaped Kitchen

Yes, there are many things to use but do not worry, the tutorial is really simple!
First, you draw on the tablet form of the egg and cut out the shape with the jigsaw. Second, draw a smaller circle, which will be your red.

With sandpaper given a nice clean edges. Now you can color your shapes. The larger will be colored white, the smaller circle with the color orange / yellow. Let dry for just under an hour. Repeat Also on the rear wall of every shape and edges.

Once ready the colored shapes (if the color does not satisfy you and you seem clear, make a second pass) are the time to fix the hooks. On white forms attached, on the back, the hooks that usually used for the paintings. The yolks instead inserted hooks hangers. Now prepare the glue, it’s time to give shape to your egg. Glue the egg yolks on white bed, secure them well and let dry. Now you have to do to fix the nails on the wall or wherever you want, hang your hangers-eggs and you’re done!

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