Painting Easter Eggs Tips And Creative Ideas For Easter


Painting Easter eggs tips without artificial color, Easter beat us increasingly louder on the door, so you have to plan your most important tasks of the time. Painting Easter eggs tips are one of the most beautiful customs. Here are the best ways to dye eggs and bio inspire you from our proposals!

Easter Eggs Tips And Ideas For Easter Day

Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally Without Artificial Colorings

Nature comes to your aid and offers plenty of natural alternatives for dyeing Easter eggs. The following tips will assist you, especially if you quit the artificial colorings from trade. Here’s what ingredients you can use to get the desired shades!

First, you must skim eggs with warm water and soap before you put them on to boil because color pigments to catch better. Then put water in a pot, add salt and vinegar, put the eggs and let them simmer. Whether natural ingredients that add water or chicken eggs trailing decoration made by boiling plants.

The eggs painted in different shades of red are not lacking on the Easter table since it was one of the oldest Christian traditions. To get the best results, use one or more of these natural ingredients: red onion, beetroot, hibiscus tea, pomegranate juice, paprika.

Want to try other colors for dyeing Easter eggs? For example, you can get green by using parsley, nettles or the spinach. For blue cranberry juice, and for yellow turmeric.

Ideas For Painting Easter Eggs

Dye The Perfect Easter Egg

Enjoy your mastery with which certain models are made of Easter eggs, but you think that you will never be able to color them so? Know that all is not difficult to paint. We have prepared for you some simple ideas for dyeing Easter eggs.

Toothpicks are some of the most versatile items in the kitchen. They can even be used to dye Easter eggs. After the main color of the egg has dried, draw flowers on their skin using acrylic colors. To keep the balance, use your cardboard paper roller. Dip the tip of a toothpick in the desired shade and performs petals, leaving an empty space in the center. Finally, using a thin brush, apply a few points in the middle of the flower. Leave to dry and performs other models in this time.

Prepare Easter Eggs

Want to design a decoration for interesting and original Passover meal, but you have no idea? Dare to create a centerpiece that will attract instant attention of others. Wrap the floss colored boiled eggs. For a more interesting effect, uses wires in many colors. Put glue on the end atheists and carefully wrap the egg, adding from place to place solder solution.

Impress your guests with the most beautiful Easter eggs. All you have to do is choose a few tattoos and paste them on them, so they have a slightly vintage.

Easter Eggs Paint with few tattoos

Another novel method for dyeing Easter eggs involves wrapping them in silk pieces and boil in water with vinegar. Use old scarves and other silk clothing items that you no longer use. Their model is printed on eggs, thus achieving unprecedented results.

Easter eggs using wax crayons

Easter eggs using wax crayons. Draw the desired patterns after normal egg dyeing. Paint will not pass through the wax, and the end result will be a beautiful one.

Dyeing Easter eggs

If you fail to realize such models, you can stick lace, stickers or small colored stones. Surely you will find a lot of accessories on the market. Dyeing Easter eggs in an original way is not difficult, but you have to be creative and patient.

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