Easter Eggs Tutorial for Easter Decorations In At Home Step By Step


Easter eggs tutorial Looking for new Easter decorations?

Easter is near and there are really many decorations that you can make at home! We propose eggs mummy! No need to spend money unnecessarily. Among the most representative symbols of Easter is the egg. On this form we have already proposed, in the past, many tutorials to decorate them. In this article, we want proper venue a new one: the egg mummy!


Easter Eggs Tutorial Step By Step

What is an egg mummy? Nothing but an egg coated strips, as were the bandages of mummies. To realize them serve fewer materials, many of which you will find in the house. Here you need: plastic eggs (such as those that come from Kinder Surprise) carton of eggs canvas scissors glue diluted paint and brush colored needle and thread Take your eggshells plastic and clean them thoroughly. With scissors cut the strips of cloth, slightly longer than the diameter of your eggs. Brush a little ‘glue on the shells and started to wrap them with strips of cloth.

Easter Eggs Tutorial also plain striped or polka dots

Once this is complete you need to pass the color. Help yourselves always with a brush and colored with diluted paint your eggs. You can color them as you see fit, but also plainly striped or polka dots.
Let dry color.

Easter Eggs Tutorial for Easter Decorations-

Create a decoration prettier and particular cut the canvas in circles and tighten to a point, as you would like to create a petal, which is precisely the result we want to achieve. Then fixed with needle and thread Repeat this 6 times and united petals forming a flower, all the while with a needle and thread.

petals forming a flower

Colored flower.

Easter Eggs Tutorial for Easter Decorations Colored flower

Glue the flower canvas on top of the egg.
Put the eggs in the carton.
The mummy your eggs are ready!

Easter Eggs Tutorial for Easter Decorations In At Home Step By Step


Easter eggs tutorial To give a touch to your eggs mummy, you should use the dimensional paint to create the details on egg flower.

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