Easter Pizza Cheese, A Traditional Breakfast Of Central


Easter pizza cheese! A typical dish of Umbria and the Marche, is eaten for breakfast on Easter morning accompanied by cold cuts and also by chocolate

The pizza of Easter in savory version, with cheese, is a typical dessert of central Italy with some changes according to the area (Umbria and Marche), but the base is to create a soft bread inside and crumbly crust to be enjoyed as part salt Easter morning along with cold cuts and chocolate.

Easter Pizza Cheese

This recipe Easter originally should be done with the natural yeast, such as yeast, but to speed up the preparation you can use the yeast or even the chemical.

You can also prepare it the day first, keeps well for a few days. Ingredients for a medium pizza (4 or 6 people) 250g flour 10g fresh yeast (or 1 teaspoon of the chemical) 50g of grated cheese 70g grated parmesan 80g Emmenthal 2 eggs 150ml extra virgin olive oil ½ cup milk salt and pepper to taste Preparation Begin to prepare pizza Easter cheese warming up a bit ‘of milk and let us dissolve the yeast. Cut into small cubes Emmenthal. Now in a bowl place the flour, all the cheese and eggs.

Easter Pizza Cheese, A Traditional Breakfast Of Central-0

If you use baking powder instead, no need to dissolve it in the milk, but add it along with cheese, milk still has to be added to soften. Begin to mix and then add the liquid, before the oil and then the milk with the dissolved yeast. Create a loaf, if it is too wet, add flour or if too dry, add the milk. I like to have a kind of bread to give the idea of rustic and then use a cake where I put the dough in the center; otherwise you use a mold to panettone. Now bake the pizza Easter at 200 degrees for the first 10 minutes, and then reduce to 150 degrees until it is completely golden. Turn off and let cool.

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