7 Easy Hairstyles And Cannons To Camouflage Her Fringe


We agree haircuts with fringe are timeless. But to have a fringe does not prevent from wanting to raise from time to time hairstyles without fringe, which releases the forehead. It falls well, it is quite possible to change head without having to let her bang back. Crown of braid, Dutch braids, and hairstyle wet look, here are 7 stunning hairstyles to hide its fringe!

There are things that only fringed girls can understand. In the first line, this love cow to the I love you no more than we keep with this lock on our forehead. When we leave it, we want it again. When we have it again, we want to let it grow.

But if you have a head with fringe, why abandon it? To change your head without drawing a line on her fetish cut, you just have to learn the most beautiful magic tricks of the hairstyle: hide her fringe, without getting rid of it!

How to hide her right fringe while keeping the hair loose?

Keeping her hair loose without letting her fringe prevail? Impossible, you will say! This is without counting on the good tricks of Bennett Gray, the McGyver of the hairstyle.

  • A wick in volume.

We start with a hairstyle ultra easy to achieve but that does not skimp on style: a wick on the side while volume.

To obtain it, a texturing spray is applied to the fringe to give it an easy to handle texture.

Then, one passes her hand through its bangs to orient it towards the back of the skull, more or less on the side according to its envy. One fixes with lacquer and the fringe are camouflaged, with a small air Kelly saved by the Gong in bonus.

  • A wet look hairstyle.

In another genre, the wet look effect is also a very good way to hide her fringe while staying in the hairstyles trends of the season.

Just get out of the shower and DO NOT dry your hair. Instead, excess water is absorbed by sponge towel, positioned back by hand or brushes, and a fixing spray is applied.

Hairstyle approved by Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian.

  • Hair plated with the stripe in the middle.

Another tip: draw a line in the middle of wet hair and tackle her hair under a cap to make up, take breakfast or engage in any other activity long enough for the hair to stay in place.

Then the cap is removed and the hair is dried gently in the cold air. The fringe is plated and melted in lengths.

Convenient to her hair when her bangs re-growth, also.

The most beautiful braided hairstyles to hide her fringe

  • Two Dutch braids.

Two beautiful Dutch tresses separated by a stripe in the middle is the parade to hide its fringe too short!

To make this hairstyle, one separates her hair in two and one realizes a braided plated with three branches on each side of its line in the middle. The fact that it is plated allows to catch all the short strands of the fringe and to melt them in the hairstyle.

Once the back of the ear is reached, attach the remaining locks to the ponytail or braid them to the tips, according to its desire.

A crown of the braid.

Those with long hair can opt for the most bohemian chic hairstyles, I named the woven crown. Again, it is better to control the plaited plait, but we reassure you, it has nothing complicated.

The braid is begun on the left back of the skull, near the nape of the neck. It then continues to braid it towards the back of the head, following the base of the hair. At the end of the wick, the braid is tied at its end and the head is turned around to fix it at its starting point.
A half bun braided.
It twists the hair half bun through … a plated braid, again!

To do this, one catches a wick on the top of the head including a part of the fringe. This section of hair is separated into three branches which are braided towards the back of the head, each time catching additional hair to make a large plaited braid.

Once you reach the back of the skull, you tie your hair into a bun blur. Tadaaaa!

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7. Hair Plated With Stripe In The Middle

  • – Draw a line in the middle of the wet hair.
  • – Plate her hair under a cap while the hair remains in place.
  • – Remove the cap and dry its hair gently, in cold air.
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